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[25 Jun 2008|01:32am]
A little girl walked away from her mother and tugged on
my apron while I was at work the other day.

"Your hair is really pretty. Mom told me not to tell you that, but I think its pretty."

Her mother yelled at her and glared daggers at me.
I tried really, really hard not laugh until I was out of earshot.
I think I may have failed.

Compliments from children mean the most to me,
because they are always so sincere.

On a side note, there's a random picture (because who likes text-only?)
of the stripes I put in my bangs. Which I will also be doing to my dreads soon.
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Since I am now a celebrity... [25 Jun 2008|09:57am]
In light of my Internet celebrity status, I offer you these candid pics, worthy of tabloid journalism or one of those

First... here we see the expecting couple at their fabulous beach hideaway... Avy is clearly less than happy to indulge the paparazzi... that might be because the paparazzi in question is her 13-year-old sister...

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Timeline [25 Jun 2008|11:04am]
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[25 Jun 2008|11:55am]
so I'm back in New York City because I wasn't ready to make a full commitment to Toronto and get a job and I also thought that my mom needed me home, and now I'm kicking myself because all I think about is seeing eggplantman again and also, my mother apparently didn't need me after all...

so, thats besides the point, the point is that I'm sad and I miss him and I felt like posting pictures.
Also, its been 1 year since I've gone vegan and I feel like celebrating.

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[25 Jun 2008|12:09pm]
I posted here about six months ago asking if you all thought that dreads would suit me well, and I've finally decided that I want to dread my hair. Now I have two questions!

First- I live in Central FL (Melbourne), and I need someone who would be willing to put in the time to dread my hair for me! My hair is reallllly thick! (Pic below the cut)

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Second- I have a job right now that wouldn't mind letting me work with having my hair dreaded, but I am not making enough money to keep this job for very long. Any ideas on places I can apply to having dreads?

Thanks so much! I love this community =]
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[25 Jun 2008|01:04pm]

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Also, I've just made a post over on naughty_knotty, so take a gander if you're a part of the group.
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re: change of address + photos. [25 Jun 2008|07:03pm]
i've switched journals. formerly gaggedandbound. it was time for a change.

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love you.
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[25 Jun 2008|07:06pm]
As my not so little dreadies birthday is approaching (june 29) i figure the one year mark is a pretty significant one and i should do some serious celebrating. but heres the sitch, im not exactly sure HOW to celebrate.
i thought i'd draw on the vast knowledge stored within the depths of the more veteran dreadies here on gudu
do you guys celebrate your dready birthdays? what do you do?
or if you haven't yet and plan to, what are you going to do?

and so it isnt text only......

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Just a question.. [25 Jun 2008|08:56pm]
How many of you lovely dreaded folks are gamers?

I ask because I make polymer clay beads, and as I was making myself a lambda bead, I realized I can't be the only dreaded gamer out there.

So who would want a polymer clay gamer dread bead?
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