June 28th, 2008


lightening without bleach.

hellooo. so here's the deal. i want to lighten my hair back to my natural color. is there a way i can do this without using bleach? my hair is pretty dark, especially towards the ends where its been dyed 3 million times. is it ok to do this with dreads as young as mine? they're only a little more than a week old, but pretty tight already.

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Oh yeah, I forgot about those things..

Today was the first day that a stranger has acknowledged the fact that I have dreadlocks. I got my first tattoo today, the beginnings of a chest piece. My artist mentioned that she thought my dreads look like the dreads a friend of hers had. When my dreads stopped sticking up at ninety degree angles, my family stopped mentioning them. I've gotten so comfortable with them that I often forget that my hair is different these days than it was back in March.

Much <3 to my hair, and the area of my chest that feels like five pounds of raw meat. Beautiful beautiful meat.
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