June 29th, 2008

shun the nonbeliever!

Sorry to be boring and text only, but...

Who else is going to the Life is Good Festival in Boston on the 19th of July? As I was telling Amber (kitty_bangbang) festivals never come to my area, but it just so happens I'll be in Boston that weekend anyway! So my mom and I are going to go :)

Anyone else going to be there? Meetups are always awesome!

While I'm there, my dreads will hit the one month mark.
I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate :)
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minty deep clean/tea soak and acv rinse.

 If I'm entirely honest, I'm not sure what possessed me to do this. 

I had dry/flaky/itchy scalp and possibly quite a lot of build up in my hair. I fancied doing myself a deep clean but I didn't have any tea tree oil (and I'm broke) so I thought "hm, a lot of dread stuff has peppermint in it. I wonder what peppermint tea will do to my hair?" (they sell peppermint tea in our local discount shop for 19p [38 cents]) Anyway it turned out ok so I thought I would share.
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Happiness is Just a Chemical.

Picture post of my new set of dreads. The others before were... practice, I've decided.

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And, for some added fun....

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But there ya have it.
Hope you enjoyed. [:

Oh, and my shampoo regiment is 1 week with Avalon Organic's Tea Tree Oil & Peppermint Shampoo, and then the next with Head & Shoulders. I rinse my dreads on mondays.
I sometimes dreadball, but I don't know how much I really wanna mess with them this early on, so I just kinda... don't do anything but check the roots sometimes (to keep them seperated of course).

Have a lovely evening.

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need an opinion or two (or more

so, i was very inspired by user; epf and did a faux dread hawk, and i must say i kinda like it

<lj-cut text="sorry that the pic and hawk quality is so bad">

the thing about it is that i think i really like it. i have wanted a mohawk for a while but never had the "testicular fortitude" to get one.

i just wanted to know what you ppl thought, think i could pull it off?