June 30th, 2008


alright now, it seems we cant agree on a place for this to go down so i think we should just meet up somewhere and just decide there in person so it doesnt get complicated and mixed messages from these posts.  i think we should eat at lazy moon. its a fucking cool ass pizza place with huge ass slices. if we dont decide to eat there we should atleast meet up there. its in the plaza with knights library and liquid celler. if you know where thoes places are you cant miss it. (if not, its on the UCF side of university.)

im sure im as excited as everyone else is so lets fucking do this.

on either july 5th or 6th let me know the best day. and the most common day posted is what it'll be.

New Bangs & Dreads At Almost 16 Months.

It's been a while since I've been here. My family has been going through a lot lately and I haven't been able to be around as much as I would have liked. I missed you guys.

I decided I'd try out some really short bangs. I like them a lot. Whatcha think?

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The locks are almost 16 months. Still lovin' em. ^_^

I was at the movies with my fiance on Saturday and the checkout girl was like, "Wow! I'm really digging your hair! You don't see that very often! Oh and don't take this the wrong way, but it's rare to see a white woman who can pull them off and you do very well." XD I'm glad to get compliments, even if they're slightly weird.

And someone messaged me on Flickr asking about how to do/maintain dreads and I referred them here. ^_^
Oh and lukewarm, I didn't mean to just ignore your offer. Things have been super hectic lately. I just might take you up on maintenance one of these days. My loose baby hair is outrageous underneath. XD

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help me GUDU :[

ive recently come to the conclusion that my hair was never meant for dreads.
its been about 4 months and im having so many problems.
i have the kind of hair that doesnt tangle. ever. i havent brushed it in 4 years.
my hair has locked up pretty well 1 or 2 inches at the root, but the rest refuses to do anything. i have 4-6 inches of completely undreaded hair on each of the tips.
ive tried everything and anything, i dont know what to do with this matted mess.
i dont have a car or money to go to a salon to try and fix it. and the only salon i can find is an hour and a half from my house.
sometimes i think i should comb them out, but my heart breaks a little each time.

what should i do?
i know i should probably just wait it out, but it seems really hopeless.
my hair just doesnt want to dread :[
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Three months..

I passed the three month mark with my dreads yesterday. I can't believe it...it both feels like I only just got them yesterday and yet like I've had them forever..has it only been three months?

So I took a couple of photos to see how they're doing. I ended up bleaching the tips a week or two ago. It was 40 Vol, but as I had no desire to burn out my dreads and damage what hair I'd be left with, I left it on for only ten minutes instead of the reccomended fifty. If I ever do decide to bleach my dreads out to white, I'll go to lishd. Nevermind, it appears no one can tame my mass of hair.

Just as well I decided to dread it I guess. xD
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Still battling the bugs...my little bitch fest

Ok, so I've done like three commercial lice treatments and my head still itches. I'm going to give it a few days in the hopes that my scalp is just irritated from the treatments, but if it continues then I'm going to have to try something else. My boyfriend can't find any bugs on my head, but I found one by feel before the most recent treatment so maybe he's just not looking hard enough. I want to step it up and nuke the little multi-legged bastards, but so far everyone has something different to say.

I've heard several people say that Frontline for dogs works well, and I wasn't able to find any but I got some generic stuff just in case. However, upon reading the box, I noticed it says "harmful to humans". Great.

I'm willing to try vinegar, but I've had a few people say it doesn't work that great, and I'm not sure if I want to sleep with my head soaked in vinegar only to find it doesn't kill them.

I've heard rubbing alcohol will work, but it seems like leaving it on my head for any amout of time would burn my scalp. My skin's already pretty irritated, there's little red bumps on my scalp and I've been scratching so much I've drawn blood a few times. I want something gentle enough to not kill my skin, but strong enough to get rid of the infestation. I've bought furniture spray, frozen all the pillows and such that couldn't be washed, and washed bedding.

I'll probably just get directed to the memories, but all the info in there is very contradictory and honestly right now I just kind of want to bitch. I absolutely don't want to get rid of my dreads, but I can't take this much longer. The itching and the knowledge that there's a colony of insects on my head is enough to keep me up at night, plus my already limited social life has screeched to a grinding halt because I don't want to risk infecting anyone else. It feels like they might be here forever, I've heard stories of lice being notoriously hard to kill and I'm starting to worry about having to sacrifice my dreads. I'm just so annoyed and so itchy, and I'm running out of money to spend on trying a billion different treatments. I should have never let that bug-infested douche live on my couch. We gave him a month of rent, food, utilities and smoke, and he rewards us with lice, urinating on the furniture, and only giving us a few bucks to cover it all. Argh that's what I get for trying to help out my fellow man. >_>

Alright, I'm done. Thanks for listening to me whine, and go ahead and let the chorus of  "Check the memories!" begin.

EDIT: A netsearch also yielded answers involving Listerine and foam shaving cream. Anyone had any experience with either of those?
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Anyone here happen to live near Rochester NY?

I think my hair's long enough to dread now. I originally had an undercut and I've been letting it grow in. It's catching up to the rest of my hair. And I just bleached and dyed it and I want to do dreads finally. I've attempted to do it on my own in the past with pretty sad results. Is anyone here anywhere near Rochester NY at all? If someone could set up a time and date to come help me start my dreadies, I'd be ever so grateful. And you'd be compensated of course. Thanks in advance to anyone who offers.