July 1st, 2008

peacock feathers?

ello ello.
seeing as i think they would match my hairs current colour scheme (green/purple/blue)
Im thinking of somehow trying to add some peacock feathers, anyone tried this? either permanently or semi permanently..
Anyone have any ideas/tips about working with feathers?
I'm thinking if itsdefinately not gonna work Im going to try make some out of felt.
hope you all have really good tomorrows :)
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6 months.

im a very busy man right now and i am trying to make this post as fast as possible so forgive lack of organization, complete picture descriptions, or anything like that

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ten months


my name is leah but lately i've been going by lex. i share this journal with my friend anna but it is totally out of date. i don't think that we have posted in it in over a year or two. im from baltimore, md. i go to school in northampton, ma. and i'm in north palm beach, fl. for the summer. my locks were born in late august of 2007.

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Why helloo

Hello boys and girls. I've been on the journey for a little over two months now. I love looking at what I have to look forward to in a couple years time--keep posting you beautiful souls.
My name is Jane and I'm from Houston, TX and going to school in New York state.

Here's some pictures for you to enjoy because we all know that's the best part.

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hey guys, i've been lurking for a few weeks and i have a question. sort of.

my boyfriend has been thinking about dreads for a while. he likes the idea and he really wants to do it, but he's worried about a few things (most of them i think are irrational, like his hair falling out because it's too thin.) his biggest fear is having it done by someone who doesn't know what they're doing. his friend got them done and they were done horribly and he ended up chopping all his hair off. we can't find anyone around us that knows how to do it, except for a place that is a barbery AND a hat shop and we refuse to go there on principle, plus they're the place that screwed up his friend's dreads. i was wondering if you guys know anyone in/around central Pennsylvania who might be able to do it for him/give him some reassuring information? he is willing to travel a bit but not too far because we are both relatively broke. any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

also, here are some pictures that display his hair pretty well. they are kind of silly.

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kitty in a basket

do you wear beads or other items in your hair?

do you wear beads or ornaments of some sort in your locs? i wore a few beads with my first set to smooth some loops out or to keep some from knotting onto others and whatnot, but i haven't kept any in my current set. i guess my hair feels heavy enough as it is. either way, do you wear stuff in your hair why or why not?
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Hello, I'm Brittani. I've been a lurker of this community for a little bit, and finally decided to take the plunge. I don't have a headful of dreads just yet, but I have about 7 of them so far. Brand new, just did them today. 

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(no subject)

Just wanted to share what I created in my studio today with a picture I took earlier this year. I had my hair up in the pineapple hairstyle and took this picture with just one skinny dready hanging down (so that one single dread qualifies this page to be here....haha! You just can't see the rest of the dreadys on top of my head in this pic).

This is not a digital page. It's done the old fashioned way with paper, cardstock, sand paper, paint, butterfly transparencies. The lyrics were hand stamped on strips of cardstock. They're lyrics from a song by Sara Groves ("I Just Showed up for my Own Life"). Enjoy!