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Lookie lookie! [04 Jul 2008|12:01am]
I just found this in google images.

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raccooooonnn.... [04 Jul 2008|12:11am]
DIY is fun when you can barely reach and/or see what you're doing <3
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i did it! [04 Jul 2008|02:19pm]
so, if any of you remember mt faux dread hawk post a few days ago, i just felt like you all should know that bc of all the encouragement and wonderful things you said i went ahead and did it! i don't have pictures at the moment, but as soon as my computer decides to cooperate ill put some right up.

i cant stop touching the sides of my head, my hair has never been this short, its so strange, i think its still growing on me, but im really glad i did it.

thank you all!
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Anoint my head, anointy nointy. [04 Jul 2008|03:08pm]
Hello again! I got a newish camera recently and have been pushin its buttons like a crazed sasquatch ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/mesasquatch/ ) and here are a few more of the results. The oldest dreads 18 months old.

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Brides and Brides-to-be will appretiate this. ;P [04 Jul 2008|03:25pm]
[ mood | bored ]


I was sitting around, really bored, waiting until it is time for me to leave and go see fireworks... so I decided to look up wedding crap... (since hopefully I will be getting married soon... well... within the next 4 years.)

ANYWHO! I was searching through offbeatbride.com... (since, well... I'm a little offbeat) and came across this beauty!!!

If you click on the actual photo, it'll take you to her flickr site. FULL of dread shots!

I wonder if she belongs to GUDU? Wouldn't that be neat? HELLO IF YOUR OUT THERE!


EDIT:   Look at these!!! I think the 6th one down is from a friend here. Do you recognize it too? or am I just insane? either way, that one's my favorite.

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CENTRAL FLORIDA [04 Jul 2008|04:03pm]
 hope you havent forgot that tomorrow is our day to meet up. lets go for 1:30 2:00.  post if your coming with us...
to lazy moon.

we need atleast 3 people for this to be a success. if not we can wait and try another day.

i'll provide my number to those who post.
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[04 Jul 2008|06:34pm]
So the dreads that were once my undercut have turned a year old this week (July 1). The rest of my dreads will be a year and eight months in two weeks. Getting older, woo. Anyways, I work at an overnight summer, so Ill be living there for the next two months. Ill have some awesome pictures by then, I swear.

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Newbie, dreads 2 years [04 Jul 2008|06:55pm]
Okay, i read a lot of dreadlockcommunties. And i never post. Thats gonna change today.

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Three months! [04 Jul 2008|09:50pm]
 Today is my dreads' three month birthday!  :D  I will have pictures soon, but I didn't want the day to pass unmentioned.  They need the love.  ^_^
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