July 7th, 2008

My first conversation with a random dreadhead...

So, I see people with dreads every once in a while. But they're always on the other side of the street, or already engaged in conversation, or reading, or something. I'm not the type of person who just walks up and starts a conversation, but today gave me the perfect opportunity.

I went to a used book store to trade in some old literature, and the black girl working the trade-in counter had gorgeous long dreads. I said "Do you mind if I ask how old your dreads are? They're so beautiful.." She said they were eight years old, and asked how old mine are. I said about nine months, and she said that they look very nice for being that young. She was so sweet, we chatted for a minute more then I cleared out to make room for other customers. The experience left me with a huge smile.

I love having dreads! ^_^

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well i started to take out my dreads after a little over 5 months yeasterday.this is something i really dident want to happen. i woke up one morning and relized that about ten or so of my dreads in the back had grown to form what i call a dread clump. they had all grow together to the point where i couldent seperate them. i know that this is my fault for neglecting them but it dosent make it any easer i really loved them and im sure this will not be my last set....

but one thing im wondering is when i took them out  a LOT of my hair came out and is there a amount of time i should wait befor i put new ones in?? 

thanks : )
carmen miranda

yah hiiii

Hey Folks,

My friend Melissa (on the left) and I finally got our dread kit in the mail and revved them up this morning, but definitely feel silly thus far. Her's are looking ace but my hair is so babyfine I'm kind of looking like Anne Lamott or someone slightly more crazy. Oh well! I'm enjoying dreads thus far, everyone on this community is superkind, and I like that. Thanks for being yous :)
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Portland Saturday Market.

I was at Saturday Market in Portland this weekend and some dreaded rasta-guys working a booth tried to sell me dread wax. I asked them if they put wax in their dreads, a they both said they would never put wax in their hair.
I felt like it was a small scale version of Knotty Boy, trying to sell people products they don't need.


I moved house the other day.

I left my felting needle and special big eyed needle that took me AGES to find on the manttlepiece, and can never get them back!

gargh :'(

I also have an Ant infestation in my lounge! Help!
Garrus FACTS

Dreadlock maintenance

I am curious what kinds of things I should look for in someone (professionally) who is going to do dreadlock maintenance? In a perfect world I'd have lishd do it for me but I lack fundage for a plane ticket. I did however find a lady in San Diego who can do it for me and set an appointment. She told me she does palmrolling and backcombing and uses Knotty Boy wax and products, and can separate my frizzy back-of-head with scissors and shears to make the dreads individual again. If this works out I may go more regularly for maintenance but as I'm moving in the near future what kinds of things should I look for in a salon that does dread maintenance?

(and if it seems I'm "cheating" for doing this, just know I've reached a point with part of my head/hair that has the tiny OCD part of my brain in an uproar, and I need it fixed for my own peace of mind)
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Whilst at work the other day at my office job, I was bored (as I frequently am) and absent mindedly started palmrolling one of my craziest dreads with gusto whilst leaning over an invoice I was reading.

One of my colleagues from the other side of the office yells:

"Shit! Edith's making fire with her dreads again!"

Cue much hilarity! XD

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minimal large silver bead recommendations?

i'm fond of very minimal silver beads and coils and am having a tough time finding ones large enough to fit my dreads. i've tried lots of local bead shops, ebay, etsy, google, etc. lots of people make beads for dreadlocks, but they all seem to be colorful ones. nothing against color, but i just like plain silver jewelry. people do list such beads online, but they're all small in diameter. i need something that's as large as a sharpie marker or bigger. any tips would be much appreciated. i did check the memories too but no luck.

one year photos.

hello, beautiful people.

my dreads turned a year old on july 4 and i have some pictures for you. i like to randomly dye, wrap, and decorate my dreads. they are like an ongoing project on my head, which is good because i like projects, especially ones i can wear. thank you for looking.

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So I’ve been meaning to post here for the past couple of weeks. Actually that’s a lie I’ve been meaning to post here for months I just never got round to it. Anyway New Year saw my dreads turn 3 and I was really happy with how they were coming along but then about a month my girlfriend of 4 years left me.

She was basically the inspiration for my dreads and I would have never managed to get them to where they were without her. You can probably guess where this is going. Two weeks ago I decided that I really needed a change and that they just reminded me of her too much so click through for before and after pics.



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New Dreadie Girl Sayin Hey!

 Hey there everyone!  I am new to the community and just wanted to shout out a helloooooooo!!!  I've been reading everyone's posts and checking out your pics and I am in love with you all!!!  :)

I started my dreads about two months ago.  I kind of just did one by one dread at a time - every few days - for a month or so period.  It was really special because I let all of my friends in ATL do one before I moved back up North.  Needless to say, they are all different sizes and maturing at different paces, which is fine with me.  I'm sure I have made some mistakes along the way, but am hoping to get some help with maintenance soon.

Sending out love & positive energy to you all!  Hit me up any time!


an awkward compliment

so today at work this guy came up to me and asked for directions or whatever.
Then after i turned to walk off he says "oh hey sweet locks sis." I said thanks and then he says "i wish i could lock YOU up......"

Hoooookayyy thankyou very much for playing... goodbye sir.

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