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So... [09 Jul 2008|12:03am]

I've had some dreads for about...a week now. I have about 9 of them, and the more I see them, the more I love them. I'm pretty sure I want to have a whole head full of them. Okay okay...I'm positive. I just have a couple of questions first.

1.) The dreads I have now are all different sizes and are probably going to mature at different times, is this going to be a problem at all?
2.) Is there anyone in/near Arizona that would be willing to help me out with the rest of my dreads? I want someone who knows what they're doing, haha.

Oh, and so this isn't text-only...

Thanks in advance!

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Dreadlock boy and tattoos [09 Jul 2008|04:15am]

So my friend Mark of the Beast was getting tattoed by my other friend, Permanent Mark. And Permanent Mark has some sweet dreads. Hopefully I'll be getting better shots of him soon.


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What's The Deal with WAX?? [09 Jul 2008|12:21pm]
Hey everybody, I've been hearing a lot of people say poopoo to waxing one's dreads, but no explanation for why. I know that using petroleum products is a huge no-no, probably because it would make them greasy and ultimately detangle....but why no wax?

I would love your opinion :)
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ive basically been playing in the forest, oceanside, and the mountains for the past ten days... [09 Jul 2008|12:39pm]
ridiculous amounts of pictures behind the cut....

but some of them are really beautiful so i hope you enjoy.


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Bug-free Is How I Want To Be. [09 Jul 2008|01:23pm]
I'm going camping next month, so I guarantee you that I will be walking through forests and playing in the grass. I've read through the memories and have found a plethora of information about how to get rid of the creepy crawlies, but nothing about how to keep them away. Besides coating myself in bug spray, what can I do to make sure my rat's nest doesn't become someones home? Any tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated.
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[09 Jul 2008|06:05pm]
happy quilt!
happy dreads!
happy wednesday!

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[09 Jul 2008|08:48pm]
ok so multipost!

My dreads are now 20 months old, and are seeming to be coming along nicely:)
PLUS new tattoo:) I know there are a bunch of Ani fans here so I thought I'd show it off.
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Also I'm looking at stretching my ears, does anyone know any good resources to do some reading up?
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One Year -ish [09 Jul 2008|09:18pm]
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The last time I posted, my dreads were about three months old. Since they're now a few weeks shy of a year and I've found the camera, I thought I'd post some pics.Collapse )

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