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advice [12 Jul 2008|01:39am]
i have come alot a little problem that just annoys me...so my dreads are pretty mature. but i have been ripping them apart to keep them from growing togeather. but it has caused a bunch of short loose hairs that will not get into my dreads. i lost all my needles so im wondering if there is anything i can do to fix it. 

its almost like my dreads are too solid for them to naturally grow into them.

sorry no pix this time, but i'll get some on here in the next little bit. 
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[12 Jul 2008|10:25am]
Just wanted to share what I created in my studio this past week. I love to play with paint and paper. :)

You can find the creative details and journaling here: Comfortable in my own Skin

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[12 Jul 2008|06:35pm]
Almost 2 months old! Fresh out of the shower!
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Intro!!! [12 Jul 2008|07:09pm]
Hi everyone! I Just joined so I figure I should do a little intro... :D

I've had my dreads for about 5 years now, and they've gone through lots of dye and changes. I have about 40, a few of which have grown together. I think there are 3 beads and 3 wraps (one has a little feather charm :3) I think dreads are really the only hairstyle for me. It's always weird when people I don't know recognize me because of them. haha! I don't think my friends even remember what my hair looked like before I got them.

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[12 Jul 2008|07:28pm]

soooo, it's not a hair video persay. (but my hair IS in the video. hehe. it's been about a week since i put the rollers in and i've still got a decent curl/wave goin on) nor is it a mirror picture. BUT, it's a mirror video. and since i haven't done a mirror picture in awhile, and i believe lishd was asking for one i THOUGHT this might be appropriate. if not, no worries.
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exciting news! [12 Jul 2008|09:14pm]
i just found out one of my closest friends is going to be in town from washington dc tomorrow afternoon! :D

but better than that- she's been locking/dreading her hair! :DDD
and i had no idea!

i can't wait 'til she gets here.
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