July 14th, 2008

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east orlando meet up?

yo so i guess the one that someone tried to do earlier didn't happen, and i'm in orlando again [for a very short time!] so i figured i'd give this a shot. does anyone want to meet up at lazy moon tommorow or some time this week? i was planning on chillin on a pitcher then so it could be a good time. i guess we could swap hair work but i don't have any tools so i'm not really much help with that. either way, lemme know orlando peoples!
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Dreads in the paper!

Dreads at nearly 1 year in the local paper!


This weekend me and my workmates took part in a big charity event for StCatherines Hospice, based on the UK based show from the 70’s “It’s a knockout”: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Its_a_knockout


Which generally means – acting like a prat getting very soapy and wet for a good cause. And soapy and damp did I get! My team was based on the pirates of the Caribbean as we’re a debt collection company (you know, taking money off people for a fee, bit like modern pirates…) Well we came 5th out of 10 and I got my dreads in the paper!

Heres the full article : http://www.scarborougheveningnews.co.uk/news/It39s-A-Knockout-day-PICTURES.4284202.jp

So hooray for dreads (now very tight thanks to being wet and soapy for hours)and hooray for campy small town british media!!

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dread girl

The Oregon Country Fair

A place where every time you turn around you see a dreaded person you've never seen before.
It's Magical

This was my second year, first year with dreads.
At some point during the day I saw four or five dreadheads in my line of vision.
It was amazing.
If you live in the Oregon area, I strongly recommend checking it out next July.
Lolcat - Huzzah!

Dreadhead: A Maintenance Story

*waves* Some of you may remember me as the one who's been whining worrying about about her dreads lately. The back just had my stomach in knots (yes, terrible pun intended) and seemed to be steadily getting worse and worse.

At least, until this weekend.

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The salon, Sirens Salon, is located on the corner of Melrose and Spaulding in Los Angeles; their website is sirenssalonla.com. The lovely chica in the pics behind me, hands tangled in my hair, is Amber who I totally, emphatically worship recommend.

Also recommended at this salon? Coloring. They do a GREAT job and I may still head over there at some point in the near future to check them out. :D
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So my friend Will got in some trouble at his job, and had to lose the dreads.
He didn't feel like combing them out completely, so he chopped them about
2 inches from the root and combed out what was left.

He gave me the 23 severed dread-babies that could be salvaged.
The 'locked' portion of each dread is 2-3 inches,
with another 1-2 inches of loose ends.
The opposite ends are cut bluntly.

I want to use them as extensions.
I intend on using this link as reference (as per the memories).
However, I have a few questions not covered. Just curious about
other people's input, before I go MacGyver-ing my head <3

First, should I do anything to the blunt tips (of the 'extensions')? I don't want them to unravel or something,
once in my hair. Maybe try and round them off? Any ideas are welcome.

Also, while most of my dreads have loose ends, a handful are rounded tightly.
How do I "split" the end of the dreadlock, so I can weave it in with the other?

Pictures of the dreads under cut.

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1 &1/2 years.

My first post, so had dreads bout 1 and a half years now and just did some maitenance so thought id upload a picture.

What they used to be like bout 5 months ago. lots of fuzz.


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