July 15th, 2008

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I was just messing with dreads tonight, and thought about how long it had been since I posted anything. Guess how old they are! I am curious to find out their perceived age from other dreadies. Probably no one remembers seeing me...


Anyway, I am looking for a wedding hairstyle... I can't do hair... if I walked 10 feet this style would fall, but I kind of find the shape pleasing.

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AHH! Help!

Ok, so, my friend Kurtis and I backcombed my hair about a month ago.
We did everything everyone said was right... or so I thought.

I mean, I am a total novice.
I did tons of research, called places, and had my mom (who is a cosmeotologist and veteran dreader) talk us through it.
Still, it's been more than a month and the roots are falling apart, the dreads themselves aren't locking up very well, and well.. I'm a little worried.
I work on them daily- I don't feel like I over or under wash them.

Can anyone help me?

I am so determined to make this work!
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  • libee


I'm getting married in 12 days!

I had wedding hair practice with my hairdresser friends the other day, and we came up with the BEST hairstyle.

I can't wait to show you all!

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hippie chick

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hey you's guys. i used to be splittingvenus and now i'm not. see? magic. anyway, thought i'd show you guys my dreads at i guess a little over a month now? i'm horrible at keeping track of it. anyway. i like how i pulled them back. it was pretty.
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love you guys!

Back of My Head Blues

So my dreads have been in for almost a month, fortunately I never used wax, so they're holding their shape well and are starting to firm up. Granted not all of them are done... My friend Melissa unfortunately DID use the wax and they all fell out on their own a few days ago, which was incredibly upsetting since she's got a shit-ton of hair and it took forEVER to backcomb all of it.

I wont even show you a picture of the back of my head however...
This is because while it took so long to finish Melissa's hair, we haven't found time to finish mine. So I've been walking around for a few weeks with my hair sectioned into squares with rubberbands, and yes, wearing a hat.

I have been sick and don't really have the energy to back comb them myself much.

Anyone in Chicago want to come over and dread my hair?
I'll feed you popcicles.


It's been a while since i posted, sorry.

Anyhoo, I need a change. I'd like to change up the style of my fringe, and who better to ask for ideas then the Get Up Dread Up community?

Please Post some pictures of your own? i need ideas.
its currently a length down to my chin, and I have lot to work with.

  • dcb315

dreads everwhere!

It seems like lately I have seen so many sets of dreads and I am always looking for them. We were at Kings Dominion theme park for Kings fest and saw a lot of dreads and got a lot of compliments on my dreads. It is always good to see other dread heads!