July 16th, 2008

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soooo, even though i love my hawk, i think i miss having a full head of dreads more. i want to add extensions to the sides of my head when it grows out.

anyone know how much hair i need to add dread extensions?

thank youuuuuu!

Dread party!

So I was at my sort-of-boyfriend's birthday party, and one of our friends mentioned that he wanted dreads... so I whipped out a comb and a crochet and made him a couple, including this baby down here. Anyway, is there anyone in the Montreal area who might want to get together and do a little maintenance for each other? The back of my head is trying to stick together and I can't see what I'm doing back there. Take care guys!

rise, power, flobots

times are hard.

there's a lot of not-good shit going on in my life right now. a chain of unfortunately related events puts me in danger of losing things i've worked hard for. i'm facing some important life decisions. what to do?

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love you.
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I love my dreads...kinda...

Okay, I love how they look when they are pulled back in a ponytail, BUT I sooo do not love htem when they are down. Maybe its because I don't have many of them (14) and I wish there was more. *sigh* So I am trying to decide if I should just brush them out, start over and this time section off smaller ammounts of hair instead of the big amount I did for them this time. I dunno what to do?? I just am not totally happy with them. Any opinions would help greatly!! Maybe I am just going through the stage of wanting them to look perfect?? Who knows???

Here are some pictures.

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Maint Question.

Hi All
I had a quick maint. question, I figured someone would know the answer to, Im sure Lish does, but anyways, here goes.

I was recently doing some maint on a friend. ( dyrimface ) I created his dreads, roughly 18 mtnhs ago and I know that the base/root sections of all his dreads is pretty much equal...they were all the same thickness when we started.
When I came to do the maint, the base sections were still the same, but for some reason some of the dread were INCREDIBLY thin near the roots.

Is this just down to snapping hairs, due to his 100% complete lack of looking after them? Hes never done anything to them himself....so 18mnths maint free. (You should be ashaaaammmmeeedd dear boy!) or is there something else going in?

I combined a few, because some were hanging on for dear life and needed rescuing. He dosn't mind them being different thickness from the rest so it's okay.


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heyy i took my dreads out after allmost 6 months and decided that it was time to get them back but the thing is the person who did them for me last time told me they wount do it again : (  so i dont know what to do i live in the middle of nowhere newhampshire and i dont know any one who will helpp : (