July 17th, 2008

shannon hoon

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So I want to strip the color from a few of my dreads, and bought some of

this stuff here.

Does anyone have experience with this stuff, or know whether it is dreadlock-safe or not? I read through all the instructions and what not, and it doesn't mention having any kinds of conditioners in it... but the fact that it's called "Blondissima creme" kind of scares me.
Thanks for any help. :)


a guy i work with just walked up to me & handed me a tub of knottyboy wax.


i suppose the good news is that this means there's one fewer jar of wax out there in the world. i think i'm going to try to make a candle out of it, using a wick & NOT ANYONE'S DREADS.

edit: turns out he was using it to wax his mohawk, so that's not SO bad at least.
curly look left


Everything I've seen in the memories on roots is the opposite of what I'm looking for. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for making my dreads begin to lock farther away from my scalp. I do no root maintenance - no rubbing, no twisting, nothing. I've only crocheted near the ends and the middle. It knots like crazy and they're way tight for 4 mos, but esp. in the back where I sleep on it, my dreads sprout directly from the scalp and I can't see any straight hair or wedge a finger under it.
My problem is that I have some gross skin flakes that are getting into the core of my dreads since the dead skin can't really escape when I wash it. I was thinking if there was more undreaded hair, like at least an inch, it might be able to fluff out and not go directly from scalp to dread. I find myself in a terrible cycle with the flakes. I want to wash less because my scalp is dry and flaking. But I have to wash/rinse it otherwise there are gross head flakes in there like instant potatoes (okay, that's an exaggeration). So what should I do?
I think If I comb outward from my scalp to pack the knots down, I could be compromising the dread's base and structural integrity.
I was also thinking of spraying an oil/water mix on my head as close to scalp as I can to moisturize it and stop the flakes and my bitching. But, couldn't that be very bad for staying in my dreads permanently and making that gross cheese some people get in the center, or making my dreads fall out where I don't want them to (i.e. not right near the root)?
Thanks, guys.


I usually part my hair to the side, but I'm thinking this might be a problem because one half of my head will be all thick with dreads, and the other would be thin.

At least I think. Anybody here part theirs to the side and have problems? Or did it work out?

note: yes, I read the memories.

eeee dreading in THREE WEEKS!