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mini half assed timeline. woo! [19 Jul 2008|01:45am]
things i found on de internet

image/idiocy heavyCollapse )

They seemed to have stopped growing, and are instead taking on this new crimpy texture. well, okay!

i love this community, it brings joy to my knappy little heart.

btw, my summer's in pittsburgh, lovely dreads around town, this is also pleasing.

bye bye =)
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LENGTH [19 Jul 2008|02:19am]
hey, are there any teas or shampoos or ANYTHING that will give length to my dreads (besides time)?? i've had my locks for a little over a year and i am craving some long dreads!

ps. what is all the hype about knottyboy wax??
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[19 Jul 2008|12:56pm]
I couldnt realy find this in the memories, but i'm considering real dreadies, i now have fake ones who look kinda real..
But the problem is i'm having biiiiig doubts...
Over here i would be treated like shit because of the look, so thats a big problem for me..

So my question is: Why do and why don't do dreads? (:

This is me with fake ones, just so u can all see how it looks:

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The underground in St-Petersburg. Russia [19 Jul 2008|01:40pm]

My friend Konstantin
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7 months [19 Jul 2008|05:11pm]
ello there beautiful haired beings :)

I've was feeling a bit negatively towards my dreads recently.. after rounding the tips of quite a few, they mostly fell out and my hair feels a lot messier than it was a month or two ago. they look a lot younger than they are and it ws making me a little sad. buuuuut then I went to see the mars volta in london on wednesday, and I saw so many amazing looking dreads. it made me really glad that I have mine.. and that some day they will look amazing.. and that the journey of getting them there is rather exciting.

I also got a job recently at lush. and I've got more compliments there about my hair than I ever have before. :)

anywho.. enough rambling..

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Another 2 month old pic [19 Jul 2008|09:18pm]
I have another shot of my two month old dreads... more to come, for sure! My Dad made my bead for me. How nice was that???


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