July 24th, 2008

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I know this isn't really dread related (but Ill put a pic so it's a lil better) but I have a slightly gruesome, painful problem with my piercing :'( and wondered if anyone had some adivce for me. ....

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TIA guys x x
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washing regime, spray and roll recipe

So, I'm at 2 months, dreads look good (to me). This week, I played around with my washing regime. I noticed that my hair looks best a few days after washing, not right after (too fluffy). So, I haven't washed for a week (far cry from my pre-dread once-a-day habit). Instead, when I'm feeling greasy, I put my hair up in 2 loose pigtails, and rinse my roots (pour water over 'em with a cup). Even after my totally extreme runs, I feel and smell clean. Then I spray my hands with my diluted aloe, lavendar, and lemon concoction and roll. I probably roll 'em once a day, or every other day. Does anyone see a problem with this? I've gotten compliments on how good they look and smell from several people!

Chocodog spray
1 oz aloe gel (99% organic)
5 oz water
10 drops of lavendar essential oil
5 drops of lemon essential oil

combine in spray bottle and shake to combine
spray on hair, or spray on hands and palmroll

almost 4 months..

My dreads are 4 months on August 2nd. I dyed them "Vampire Red" recently, it faded fast. But since I don't wash my hair often, it's not washing out very fast. It's sticking well to the tips of my hair that were bleached from the sun.

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First time poster - newbie questions

Hi there! My name is Sabbath, and this is my first time posting here, but I have perused the memories for a very long time. I recently  (actually just short of two weeks ago), I had locks done by a very nice lady via the crochet method. Love them. LOVE them. Just a few questions - 

- I don't know if it is okay to use my lush shampoo bar? I have had it for forever, and I would love to contiue using it. If not what recommendations (currently) does everyone have for a shampoo bar? I prefer the bars...

- I have a lot of loose hairs. Now, I actually LIKE that. I know this sounds crazy, because most people want to get their loose hair incorporated, but is it possible that they will evolve without that loose hair incorporating? I mean it means I am pretty fuzzy, but I kinda like the way the locks themselves look with some loose hairs here and there. Am I just crazy ;) ?

- Has anyone else had theirs done via the crochet method? And what kind of shrinkage did you get with that? I know I may react differently, but from what I have read everywhere this method involves the least amount of shrinkage.

- Is it okay to do apple cider rinse's on baby dreads? I have been doing them every 2-3 weeks for forever and would hate to stop now, but will gladly if it would cause a problem.

Anywho, here are a few pics, they are very young, but coming along nicely, I think! Thanks for any help, and I hope to be contributing to this community more often! I am also a knitter and felter and all around crafty person and I am working on opening an Etsy store to sell hand knit/felted items for dreadlocks. But it's not up and running yet, it will be soon. Sabbath's Dreadlock Adornknits

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