July 25th, 2008

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Collapse )Also, for the people in South Florida, I'll be at Vizcaya around 9:30am this Sunday if you wanted to meet up but I think our best bet would probably be to do it some other time. We should have met up for the drum circle last weekend or something but by the time I realized it was too late..

ooh dear...~

ive got a problem.
i play rugby in school. im in the contact rugby team. meaning.. lots n lotsa dirt n mud.
i love rugby but i also love my baby dreads. i'll probably be playing for the next few years. and i also wanna keep my dreads for as long as i can.
im staying in singapore. we are very near the equator and its extremely humid here. drying takes longer.

my dreads are veryveryvery young.
is it ok to be washing them every other day?

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My dreads after 1month and a bit..

My friend posted a picture of me when he had just dreadlocked my hair..it was sticking up everywhere because of how hard he backcombed them etc..
a few days ago they were really getting me down and I didn't like them at all..
I washed them in vinegar and then shampoo and I've started spraying them with salt water.
The last 2 days I've spent a little while trying to tidy them up abit.
I'm so glad I did because I love them again!
so here are some pictures..any feedback about how I could improve them.
Also do any other people feel down about their dreads some days like me?


2 years 6 months bitchezzzzzz! ...but now what?

I haven't posted recently, a lot because I'm lazy, a little because I've lost my camera cord somewhere in the move into my FIRST APARTMENT. ahem. But, I do have a macbook now, and the isight's pretty ok, so I figured I'd update and ask you guys: what should I do with them?

They're kind of two colors right now because I've been indecisive about color, and I can't make up my mind. Blonde again? Brunette? Red? I am at a loss.

Also, my bangs have become ridiculously long. They reach my shoulders and are only a few inches shorter than my dreads. I don't even know if I could legally call them bangs anymore. So. How short should I cut them? chin length? ear length? betty page length? (ok, not the last one. I would hate bangs that short) I do not know. I am indecisive.

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thanks and greetings...

i just wanted to introduce myself and give a big thanks to everyone who has ever contributed to this community... i was googling around trying to find better ways to wash and maintain my dreads and wound up reading some of the great info posted here for a solid 2 hours!
thank you thank you thank you! (my dreads smell and feel so much better!) they thank you as well!

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