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Goodbye, pretty dreadlocks. [26 Jul 2008|12:31am]
So, I am taking a few days next week to devote my time to brushing out my 1 year old dreads. Oddly enough, this is my first time posting here, and it's when I'm getting rid of my dreadlocks. Alas, I wanted to show you all my soon to be gone locks:

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yet another update [26 Jul 2008|12:48am]
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Growgrowgrow [26 Jul 2008|01:10am]
[ mood | impatient ]

Hi peeps!

My buzzed hair (I chopped my first set of dreads at a couple of months) is about two inches long now.


My birthday is Tuesday, so we're celebrating this weekend- a Toga party. :)

I hope all my dreadie friends are doing well!

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100% Natural dreadlocks [26 Jul 2008|11:34am]
I've heard mixed things about this topic and I'd like to hear what the people here have to say. Some people say that the 100% natural method of growing dreadlocks (just not combing) is the best way because it's the original way dreadlocks started, and it's not tainted by any sort of man-mad additions. Other people prefer sectioning and backcombing simply because it makes the dreads more uniform and similar in size. I know no way is right or wrong, but I was wondering what peoples' experience with the natural method have been.

On one hand, I followed the journey of a kid on youtube who didn't comb his hair for over a year, and his dreads ended up being so thin and stringy, they were barely dreads at all. He even combs them out completely with no problem in his last video. That's something that shouldn't be possible once dreads have become true dreads and matured. (You can see his videos here.)

Then on the other hand, I have my friend who decided she wanted dreadlocks, and after less than a few months of not combing, she had one huge matted beaver-tail on her head that she couldn't cut through with a chainsaw if she wanted to. She had to get it carefully all cut off.

So my question is, do natural dreadlocks ever actually turn out nice? In the two experiences i've seen, they've either been barely even dreads, or so dreaded that it was one massive dreaddy mess. Is there anything the first kid could have done to make his dreads lock up a little tighter or make them a little thicker? And is there anything my friend could have done to have her hair dread into separate dreads rather than a beavertail?

What's the best way to grow natural dreadlocks? Not comb your hair but start to pull it apart if it becomes too much of a single entity? I'd like to hear from people who grew their dreads 100% naturally, and if they liked the way they came out or not. Pictures help.

Thanks so much guys.
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8 months! [26 Jul 2008|02:56pm]
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so they're 8 months. they're starting to get hard as rocks. its getting pretty hard to sleep on them so i kinda flip them up so the kinda hang over my pillow. i've lost a LOT of length since i started, which is quite disappointing, but i guess its just going to take a lot of patience to get them to as long as i want them to be. its going to be worth the wait. i'm not on my primary computer, otherwise i'd post good pictures from about 2 months when they were long. they started shrinking like mad into march.

Read more...Collapse ) these are pretty the only ones i have, stolen off my myspace.

but yeah, i just figured i'd post, since all i've really been doing is lurking. i'd love any input or if anyone is near the coachella valley and is willing to do some maintenance when the time comes. i'm just kind of leaving them alone. last night i palmrolled like mad in a vain attempt to get some length back. but yeah! you all are extremely inspiring when i get down on my dreads. keep locking :D
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BRIGHT red permanent color? [26 Jul 2008|07:04pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I've been looking thru old posts and as of yet haven't found an answer to this. Did lishd ever post what the permanent red hair color was that she used on her dreads? If so what was it? I've been doing the bleach and SFX (devilish red) thing for ages now, and not only is it a fucking PITA to maintain, but I'm afraid that the repeated bleaching may eventually cause damage to my dreads. I've searched the 'net endlessly to see if i could find it on my own, to no avail. So a permanent red would KICK ASS!!!!

thanks and peace.

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Fringe/Bang Advice [26 Jul 2008|08:57pm]
Hello all, my name is Jessica and this is my first GUDU post, and first set of dreads. They're about a week old right now and i'm loving them so far. My question for all of you is what to do with my existing fringe/bangs/big mass of hair. Whether to dread them, leave it, or cut it shorter.

Any advice is welcome!
Have a lovely day & thank you

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Bangs? [26 Jul 2008|10:14pm]
I'm thinking about cutting about four dreads in the front and combing them out to be a little bit of fringe. Not so much bangs than side-swept fringe to about the middle of my nose.
Here's me for reference.

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