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[27 Jul 2008|01:18am]
i got my new kitten today!!!

and some pix.

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insecurities [27 Jul 2008|03:59am]
[ mood | strange ]

today i was on the bus with a good friend, and he asked me why i had so much sand in my hair. i knew he was talking about all the little hair follicles you can see in the shedded hairs within my dreads. mine are really visible. when i told him what they were, he made a funny face, and then burst out laughing and shrugged it off. he wasn't being offensive or acting disgusted, but i have a feeling it may have weirded him out the amount of shedded skin i have within my hair that i've been carrying around for almost 5 years. it's things like this that make me want to cut them off.

i'll add some oldies for avoiding a text-only entry.

a weird project i modeled forCollapse )

hope all is well in dready land, i'm just a bit sad from today, and i'm wishing my dreads did not look so "sandy" =(

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Hello [27 Jul 2008|04:46am]
Hello all! My name is Jahmila! I'm just here showing my dreads! I am a sprititual dread that isn't doing it for style, never thesless I lurk this community and LOVE natty's!


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a job, eh? [27 Jul 2008|12:19pm]
i have a serious question for all you dread heads. what jobs/careers are willing to accept your beautiful locks? i, myself don't have them now. i did for a little while but took them out when i started looking for a job because no one would give me the time of day. i want to have them again eventually, but i still even struggle finding a job with my piercings and tattoos. any feedback would be awesome and greatly appreciated. [=
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Dreads at 1 year - timeline time!!! [27 Jul 2008|12:35pm]
Started - 28th July 2007



Long ass blondey ginger hair. Took ages to dry and I'd been craving dreads for a year or so...

Lots of pics!Collapse )


Month 12 AKA 1 year! This morning, looking a bit red on my bed. I love this pic, Theyre like a big poofy dreadbob. And from the back...

ThoughtsCollapse )
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dread maintenance [27 Jul 2008|01:31pm]
[ mood | tired ]

 This is Joey and I did his dread maintenance yesterday. He was dealing with about 6 in. of fly aways. His dreads are about 31/2 years old and were done naturally.

i used the crochet method with a little back combing.

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♥Hello Everyone♥ [27 Jul 2008|04:30pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Hello! I just joined this community,but ive been lurking around for quite a while. 

Next week i plan on getting dreads.Im going to do them myself.I think I have the basics down,but im still a bit confused about the process.I checked the memories,and i didnt find anything very specific.(But i apologize if instructions are there that i missed.) I plan to use a flea comb for the backcombing.Im not sure if that is okay or not...

One thing i have a problem with is when i backcomb with it it doesnt seem to be teasing the hair,its just getting all tangled at the root...Should i get a different comb or am i just doing it wrong?

Any info is appreciated! 

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[27 Jul 2008|05:06pm]

I want to make another sun.

Hair and a baby, as usual...Collapse )
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new. day 2 [27 Jul 2008|05:16pm]
I started my dreads yesterday. a freind and I spent a good 2 hours on it. Backcombing and very minimal braiding. Hurt like hell and was a fun experience and good start to a long journey. Now ive read alot of the memories everything on maintenance, how to clean, how to sleep in them, how often to wash.. but My only question that cant seem to be answered through memories.. i dont know it must be the brick wall between my brain and my eyes but I cant seem to find an answer..

It is my 2nd day when is it safe to wash.
Im hoping today because I just got home from work (I work grill and all of the kitchen) me and my hair are feeling a bit greasy. not to mention the grease on the back of my neck is causing the dreads touching my neck to become very oily and fall apart. Please tell me its safe to wash...?
ps. I have non residue clarifying shampoo ... ION product, quick buy at Sallys beauty supplies. I hate ION products and Im hoping it doesnt fuck up all my hard work. Also got Naturelle Hemp volumizing shampoo, doesnt necessarily say non residue but it smells great.

enough rambling
I like them- some have already started to knot up after sleepingCollapse )
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Three pics for you. [27 Jul 2008|05:40pm]

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[27 Jul 2008|11:11pm]
[ mood | hot ]

Just thought I might post, seeing how I haven’t done that for months. Spent most of this day free diving for seashells whit my little sister at a place called Rossö nearby my parents summerhouse at the west coast of Sweden. Had a really grate time and my dreads loved it. I haven’t gone free diving since I was a teenager, and I had forgotten how much fun it was. I think I will get my diving certificate next summer.


Well, that wasn’t really what I was going to post about. I really need some maintainens and I was hoping that there might be someone in Oslo, Norway, willing to help me. I can’t pay much, but we can make a deal. You do mine and I do yours, or you do mine and I make you one hell of a dinner, or you do mine and we share a bottle of vine or four, or you do mine and I knit you a hat or a headwrap or something. You pick. I really need help!


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