July 28th, 2008

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Hi, My name's Bethany. I'm 17, and while I don't have dreads, I am a huge fan of them and I am trying to grow my hair out (it's less than 2" long right now.) and figure out how to convince my mom that dreads aren't awful.

Anyway, I looked through the memories and didn't find anything that mentioned this, but I might be repeating a question. If so, I apologize. When people mentioned that they went swimming and they didn't want mold to grow in their hair, some people mentioned that they should make sure that their hair is completely dry between swims to ensure mold doesn't grow, which spawned my question. Can you blow-dry dreadlocks?

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I know nobody cares about the last bit, but I had to tell somebody!


I don't remember where I saw this, but hopefully I won't get scolded.

I left work & went to this club called "Shampoo". Well, there's a foam room. Apparently, they use regular dish washing liquid. What effect does that have on your locks, because like 20 minutes after I left the club I touched my locks and they felt like they were tighter [provided I washed my hair and didn't retwist like 2x in the past week & a half]. So.....question is...

Is dishwashing liquid good for me? 

[p.s.: after having a VERY long day at work, I finally joined classmates to ACTUALLY go out somewhere after being here in Philly for a year. Twas fun. AND I SAW ERIC & AVY [cottonmouthdn] AGAIN IN MY STORE!!!!]
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dread scans!

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oh, also! how long would people recommend waiting until felting wool into dreads? i have one thats six months old, the rest are about two and a half months. i'm thinking of adding wool to the older one now and then reassessing the rest of my hair around my birthday in november...


just like the last poster, i too finished combing out me dreads today and DAMN my hair is long. 7moths of growth unnoticed.

i think ill keep it out for a while, im meeting my bfs family next weekend and i think my brush-able hair will just be easier with his christian conservative family. call me a whimp if you like.