July 29th, 2008

Combing out dreads started via different methods

Just a quick question that I've been thinking about for a while geared towards people who have combed their dreads out:

Is it much more difficult to comb out dreads that were made via the rip and twist method vs. just straight backcombing?  Is it possible to save as much hair from the rip n twist method as it is with the backcombing method when combing out locks?  

I ask because mine were formed with a combination of rip n twist and backcombing... and I'm thinking that the rip n twist has damaged my hair and therefore I'm wondering if when/if I go to comb them out, I'm going to be left with loads of damaged hair that I'll have to cut off, if I can comb them out at all!  

I'd just like to hear of some experiences from people who have combed out dreads started with each method.  

Thanks :)

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Just need to vent.

I had an interview last week at Paramount Canada's Wonderland, to work on their Hallowe'en Haunt attraction. Building sets, making props- my kind of work. They said I sounded like a great candidate, and the interview went great. I was looking forward to the prospect of getting some good experience, a fun job with good pay, and bonus, free admission into the park.

I called them back today and they said that I was perfect, except that my dreads 'would have to be gone'. I asked if they could be wrapped up, etc., but apparently that's not good enough. You want me to cut off my five-year-old babies just so you can adhere to some archaic appearance ideals? Even if I was the best candidate for the job, the one stupid fucking detail of how I choose to keep my hair breaks the deal?

They're not even messy or anything. I keep damn good care of them and quite frankly they looked less 'freakish' than the other chick who came in with the hideously overstyled & bleached hackjob on her head.

I don't want to hear any 'oh well you should expect this' shit. Many people holding the same outdated and senselessly discriminatory belief doesn't make it right.

baby dreads. round 3

Hello GUDU community. I'm new to LJ and was inspired to make an account specifically because of this group.

I have had dreads twice previously, the first time I had them done "professionally" and I will admit they were well done but I failed to take proper care of them and decided to comb them out after only having them for months. I regretted it almost instantly. So after a year of various other hairstyles I grew out my hair to (in my opinion) just barely the perfect length to start dreads. I did my entire head in about 12 hours including taking multiple breaks and I used wax because thats how the people started my dreads the first time. I was quite pleased with my work for the moment but i began to hate it after a while because it was so waxy and unhealthy looking. So about 3 months down the road I decided to comb the candles out of my hair and live with my poofy/wavy hair for a little while.

As of yesterday i have decided to get my dreads back. I am slowly dreading my hair and using little to no wax this time around.

I have spent 10+ minuets per dread and I've decided I'm only doing a couple a day for now. They say that the 3rd time is the charm so hopefully these ones stay. I have had quite the learning experience with my dreads.
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Spain and Dreads!

so i just got back from spain which is an extremely dreaded country! i saw atleast 5 dreadheads everyday in different cities i went! some of them come out in my pictures so i'll share with you all...

this is from my first day when i went to see some body suspensions. it was my first time seeing them so it was pretty crazy for me but in this picture i got to capture like four dreadheads! i remember a couple of entries ago people discussing about the striped dreads, well here someone random has them! and then theres a shaved head and dreads which is reallly common in Spain from what i see every year and then of course the people who where getting suspended.
this is an example of that trendy dread mulletesque hair that is common. here is famous spanish singer Melendi who styles it:

and okay last but not least, taken specially for you GUDUers:

i took better pics of it but i cant find them. once i do ill continue sharing! it was the cutest dog ever, and the owner was even cuter! he told me that they grew out naturally but that he had to trim them sometimes cause they got too heavy for the dog to walk well.

much love to you all!
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Dreadlock book

I remember at least one post about this book, but I just got my christmas present from my best friend (Yes, in July... haha) and she got me Dreads by Francesco Mastalia and Alfonse Pagano. I love it! I've been drooling over it for awhile but none of the local bookstores have had it in stock and it took her this long to get one ordered in for me. Anyways, it was worth it. The pictures all all fantastic. I wasn't expecting the variety of cultures and ethnicities represented within, and it was a pleasant surprise. Some of the little stories that go along with them are kind of 'meh', but it was the pictures I was after all along anyhow. If nothing else I've got myself a fantastic coffee table book for a long time to come :)

Just thought I'd throw this out there in case anyone is humming and hawing about whether or not to pick it up. If you love photography and you love dreads, I'd definitely recommend it.

Washing with decorations?

So I've been reading the memories for hours and can't find my specific question anywhere. Those of you who have beads and other decorations in your dreads, do you take them out before you wash, or leave them in?

More specific to my situation...I have a peyote stitch that I'd like to put on one of my dreads, but I don't know if I should take it out each time I wash or if it's ok to leave in.

And here are my babies...They're 2 months old in these pics. *and please bear with me, this is my first LJ post ever...I hope I'm doing this picture thing right.*

Figured it out, here we go!


YAY, redreading!

So I was dandelion_spawn of the popular "prom hair" a few years ago ( http://community.livejournal.com/get_up_dread_up/2991575.html ).

This is the start of my second set! Yay, happy days.
In the process of dreading video... ( http://youtube.com/watch?v=Srjj1veHYvg )

And for some more progress photos. Because who doesn't like seeing all that messy goodness at the start?
If you don't,
Collapse )
But that's all for now, until I finish my head!
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