July 30th, 2008

seven months-ish

Checking out my dreads recently, I realized
they have changed a lot in the past few months.
They are way thicker and tighter, and after some
initial shrinkage, have visibly grown!

So, I made a silly photo time line.

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So here I am with my third set of babies!  Yes, I did just say third set of babies, because I've never made it past that point.  Anyways, this last time I'm doing it by a combination of mostly backcoming with a bit of twist'n'rip and without wax this time but with salt water.  The issue is that my hair doesn't seem to appreciate the dreads without the wax, especially those fine hairs on the most bottom part of my head.  I backcomb them and twist'n'rip them all the freaking time, but two days later they'll just be a bunch of stray hairs it seems.  I'm also palmrolling them all the time too, I palmroll my whole head about once or twice a day, because it was one thing I didn't use to do very well that I really knew would help, but it doesn't seem to be on those hairs =-\

What can I do?

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Wow :) i'm so happy with my locks!

Someone I know from the internet (who is from Belgium, i'm from Holland) sent me some of his eight years old cut off dreads, and a friend of mine attached them to my locks and now i have LONG LOCKS O.O i'm soooo happy.

Scotland, end 2007

Wittstock (Germany), july 2008

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Our dreads, i felt like sharing them

So on Sunday the thirteenth my boyfriend finally let me get at his hair. i'd been begging him to let me dread it FOREVER but he wanted to let it grow long so in the meanwhile he was getting cornrows on Saturday we took out his braids, washed his hair, and then sat down to start. it really only took me about two hours to do his whole head and personally i think they look excellent...let me know what you think :)

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long hair

I gotta say..there are always fun posts in here. so I'm hoping I can keep it going by making a first good post.
I've stopped maintaining my hair for the past four months.Mantaining, meaning I've stopped brushing, and you know, the regular shampooing. I've never really gave a damn about my so about four months ago I decided I'd look into getting dreads and I've practically ignored my hair I know this is not part of the dreading process.Ive pretty much separated tangles into sections in order for the dreads to form on their own..with the result of maybe 3, half inch sized dreads..success? maybe. I'm eager to have a full set of dreads..but the proccess is taking its time.
I hope I've made some sense :] suggestions?

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A Dread Story...

So I've been stalking the GUDU community for a while now, and I finally decided I'd post some of my own pictures. I've had my dreads for almost 11 months, but it seems like a lot longer than that! AND I LOVE THEM!

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lol internet

Some random pictures I got together. Two are from a few months ago, but the rest are about a week old. Mad loose hairs all over the place, 2 years in a few days!
Thank you to the very lovely gudu members for all their sharing!

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