August 1st, 2008

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sometimes i play the drums too

just wanted to post a few shots from one of my first shows in a looooong time where a few friends and i (guitarist from the Fringe and other drummer from Sixth Chamber) played for our belly dancer friend (Kobra Ghodsi) ... this was at the beauty bar in las vegas

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eleven months

i couldn't fall asleep at all. entertainment? dreadscans.

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been feeling rather down on the hair lately. not a whole lot of positive feedback from the people around me this summer. ive been working for a mural artist and living with her family. her mom is totally senile and forgets who i am. and tells me that i need to brush my hair before coming to the dinner table. but then the mural artist sticks up for me even though i know she totally dislikes my hair. bah.

i think that a deep clean and a shampoo switch is in order. i need a change. when i feel sad i stalk gudu.

im going kayaking in 40 minutes to watch the sun rise with my boss on zero sleep. perhaps photos will occur?

hope that you all have an excellent friday

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hello everybody, been post shy for a while but wanted to post a quick update.

if you go back to the end of 07 you'll see my first post here, and i think my only other one :(

i had some very nice dreads coming along earlier this year but, at the time, i worked with some folks that frowned on my dreads. alot.

they never outright said anything to me about them but i knew that it was making my interaction with the mgt types difficult.  so i combed them out in february.  that was not fun.  took about 36 hours of constant cobing.  but at the end of it all i had my long hair.

so i did this to make my job easier in a sense and i was layed off in may.  how annoying huh?

anyway, i was job hunting and ended up finding a new office job that did all the interviews over the phone, bonus!  and didn't have to worry about hiding my tats or shaving, or putting plugs that aren't garish etc....

i got the job and to celebrate i put the dreads back in :)  came into the new job and no one has batted an eye.

i think coming into the job looking the way i did made it easier, i dunno.  but i'm happy i have dreads again.

so here's a photo i took with my iphone at work, it's only been since july 10th, but i wanted to share.

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I moved into a new apartment at the end of June and haven't really posted anything here in the last month I think.  Can't remember the last time.  I've been checking in frequently, of course, to stay on top of everyone's dready progressions :)  

I got a new laptop recently, and since I don't have any batteries for my camera, I thought I'd try out the built-in webcam. 

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Does anyone else have problems with dreads and piercings?  My loose hairs and loops are constantly getting caught on my nape piercing, industrial, and plain lobe piercings..... it's most annoying on my nape piercing becaue it'se starting to aggitate it.  It's a pain in the ass to untangle everything too.

Oh!  and my dreads are... going on 8 months I think.  I'm really bad with counting the months

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I've had dreads for 7 or 8 years, something like that.
I had them done by back-comb, palm-roll and then root flips.
But I only had half done, I have bangs and an undercut.
After letting my undercut grow out, my dear friend has put a dreadperm in the back and we'll see how it goes...

My fiance's dreads

I'm posting these pics on behalf of my fiance, who loves reading GUDU but is technically challenged and so hasn't got his own LJ ;)

I started his dreads myself about 18 months ago, it took about 12 hours to do them, they were my first (and probably last!) head of real dreads, I shall stick to fake ones for myself!

Since then I have kinda been maintaining them pretty much half-heartedly when he's drunk and not going to complain about the pain too much. I know they could do with a bit of work, but he still looks damn sexy with them!

Anyway, he's been pestering me to post pictures of him as he thinks they look a bit crap, so give him an ego-boost!

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Oh, and he wants to point out that the Trent Reznor desktop wallpaper is mine, not his!

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My dreads are now officially a year old, as of July 27th. This makes me happy.

When I have highspeed again, which will be soon, I shall post one of them timeline thingers.

So.. yay: