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i hope this is relevant enough [03 Aug 2008|12:01am]
any natural redheads around the community? with pictures? my redheaded friend wants to see redhead dreadheads so she can get an idea of what she'd look like with dreads, and i haven't seen anyone recently. any help is greatly appreciated :D
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I finally did it! [03 Aug 2008|02:59am]
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So I've been lurking around this group for some time... And have loved dreads since I was teeny, tiny... But I could never muster up the courage to have dreads of my own-- until this week...

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Too sleep deprived to think of a title... [03 Aug 2008|06:53am]
So, it's about 7am and I haven't slept yet. I stumbled outside for a cigarette and saw that not only was it raining a bit, but there was also a full rainbow stretched across the sky. I decided to take a few photos, but be kind because I'm not at my most beautiful at this time of day.

My dreads are about eleven months old, for anyone who's curious.

Hope everyone has a beautiful day. <3
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7 months of awesome [03 Aug 2008|02:51pm]
i'm really bored on a lazy sunday afternoon.
i desperately want my back to have my fatties, but i can't do maintenance on my hair worth crap, esp the back. i've gotten the knack with the GF's set, but to no avail for myself. thankfully ms. gypsy88 will be back at least a week before i return to the states.
i'm hoping that maybe there is someone in the philly/allentown/lehigh valley area who might want to get together once i am back to help me keep tidy?

but enough talk- happy seven months to me! i wish my camera wasn't broken so i could share some of my adventures, hopefully i'll get my camping pictures from my friend's camera soon.

showing off the napCollapse )
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[03 Aug 2008|10:16pm]
some random pics of my gorgeous boyfriend over the past year or so. his birthday was thursday, say something!

a few pics, a bit of skin tooCollapse )


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