August 4th, 2008

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 k so about 3 weeks ago i took out my dreads because i wasent happy with the size i had 81 and wanted wayyy less so i went to a friends house who knew nothing about dreads and asked for her help putting them back in. first it started as a joke that she was going to get them in to but we ended up dreading her hair after her mom went to sleep ( because her mom said she would never let her put dreads in her hair ) but anyways all my friends love sara and my hair so the next day two other of my friends came over and with out telling there parents we also dreaded there hair ( but....there mom made them take them out and called her a dirty hippie :P) now i have 18 dreads and i LOVE em

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So from the recent post where I was unhappy with how my dreads looked and the amount I had, I brushed out all the top ones and got my hubby to re dread them for me. I now have 21 of them and will be brushing out the 6 at the back of my head today to be re dreaded again. When everything is done I hope to have about 33 dreads. Its a slow process, but I think they are starting to look like how I want them too. My plan is to hopefully have them all dreaded by the time I go away on vacation (August 17th). Anyways, here are some pictures of what they look like right now.

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This is me on the way to an OTEP concert. I recomend that everyone go and see OTEP at least once its an amazing show. Anywho i'll have some more pix when i get my camera back. Dreads are so fun to mosh with don't cha think ? :D
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I am so very amused at the moment.
I've gotten in some sort of internet squabble with a friends ex girlfriend- basically I left a comment in his journal saying something like "just remember you left her because she is the suck, you are the awesome, and things could never work out". The ex responds to this comment on his journal tell me "WHITE PEOPLE WITH DREADS SUCK!!"
Ouch, I'm so offended. Right here ::pointing to heart:: I don't know what the desired response was from this, but I definitely almost spit out my tea from laughing. Thought I would share. :)

and since everyone hates boring text posts:

pretending to eat my baby samson :)