August 7th, 2008

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Hallo =D!

I was directed to this community  and I must say -wow-! =) Awesome place so far!

So the name is Ness; and Im gunna get dreaded up later today/this week! Im very excited! =D I'll post pics after and before! =D

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A handful of wedding pics!

So now I am a wife! We got back from our honeymoon in Barcelona yesterday. I will update with photos from that soon. The sea water and sun were sooo good for my hair! It feels better than ever.

I haven't yet received the photos from the professional wedding photographer, so expect another wedding post soon! These are a few pics I have ganked from my friend's Facebooks. I just couldn't wait to show you my wedding!


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2 months 2 weeks

They are shrinking every week! I finally got to finish dreading my whole head, the smaller hairs on the bottom were too short but they grew and finally yesterday they were long enough! oh and ignore my "i just got punched in the eyes" look, i just woke up!

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apple cider vinegar vs cider vinegar?

Sorry if this is a retarded question (... I get the feeling that it just might be XD;)

I've been thinking of trying the baking soda "no-poo" with ACV rinse. My question is this: is Apple Cider Vinegar any different from regular Cider Vinegar? If it is different, does it even matter?

EDIT: Answered, thanks guys ♥ same thing, different name.
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