August 8th, 2008

Warwick Castle ftw.

So, a few friends and I are into LARP (fantasy/Medieval Live-Action Roleplay), & had planned to go away for a week & camp in-character. 
We had this whole story set up for this week & I was dead excited. But, then it fell through due to unavoidable circumstances happening in real life. We were all pretty gutted about it, especially as the boyfriend and I are moving to Wales for a year, away from all our LARP'ing friends, so this would have been a great send-off.

So, we decided to go down to Warwick Castle dressed in some of our gear & have a fun day. We couldn't exactly remain in-character though, but it was fun all the same.

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3 years, 8 months

I get comments all the time on my hair, especially by old women patrons at the library I work at. Surprisingly they are usually all positive : ) The other day, though, I had this really annoying guy come in at work. He was probably around the 18-20 age, and was definitely high and would NOT leave me alone. He's like, hey, rasta girl, blah blah blah, you must like weed, etc etc. I just kind of blew him off but he wouldn't let up and was apparently trying very hard to get me to understand that he was asking me about getting high. I'm like, no, dude, I'm not into that. So I run into the back and hide from him because he was pissing me off, and he left, so I came back out to the front of the library. Then he comes back! He's all like, got dreads. You must be cool. You like to party, right? I'm like, NO, I don't "party" now get the hell away from me. Ugh. My work is full of creepy stupid people.... Unfortunately I have to be nice to them haha. Anyway, my mini rant : ) Here are some pictures!


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i started my second set of dreads today, im really excited, they seem to be coming out really well.

hopefully ill have pictures soon. im doing them all by myself so it might take a couple of days before i finish the whole head.

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maintenance, 1yr, and a mystery! Ooooo!

Been MIA for awhile. I've been dreaded for 18mo.  The dreads on top are only 13mo old though. The bottom 5 are 18mo. There used to be alot more down there but they all combined their happy selves. Each is a congo of 3-5 dreads. So, as a belated "my youngest dreads are 1yr old!" and "I finally did some maintenance for the first time evar" Here's a puny few pics;

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does absence make the heart grow fonder, gudu?

I haven't posted in quite awhile. My dreadies are a year and some old, and have become an extension of me. I have friends who couldn't imagine me without them, though my family still hates those nasty mats on my head.
I've gone from a natural blonde turned brown with wax (which didn't kill me, but I wouldn't do again) to regimental bleaching (which caused dreads to break in half!!) to brunette to bangs.

I've dealt with many requests to touch throughout, mostly from strangers. Of course the questions about bob marley, drugs and my sexuality. I've scored a lot of free joints and met some beautiful people. I've also had a lot of negative comments from complete strangers. I always assumed my locks would land me a lower paying job, and as a result only applied for coffee shops and fast food. I finally got my nerves together and applied at a fancy shmancy golf course near my house- and to my surprise and the surprise of my family (you'll never get a job!) I was hired. My manager adores my hair and so do the conservative white rich men I serve daily. I've been proposed to and offered money to make wigs. Never let anyone try to convince you of your inability to work with locks.

now for the best part, PICTURES

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First Post!


I'm Laurie and I've decided I'm going to dread my hair before the year's out. I've got 2 questions that are situation-oriented enough not to be answerable by the memories. Help a girl out?

My first question pertains to work. I'm moving in about 2 weeks and will have to find a new job. Would it be advisable of me to secure a job and then get dreads, or to get dreads before I get a job? I know from experience that the less modified you are, the more places are willing to hire you, but I'm worried that it would be considered disrespectful or somehow sneaky to get a job and then immediately change something major about my appearance. The last thing I want is to come off as manipulative or dishonest, and I definitely need a job to keep paying for school. What would you do based on your knowledge and/or experience?

My second question is likely pretty typical. My hair is shortish and in 9 million layers. I've been holding off cutting it because I knew a major change would be coming up sometime soon. Based on the following photo, would I be smarter to dread it now or to let it grow/even out before I attempt it? I know the dreads will shrink eventually. I'm more worried about the shorter pieces than I am about overall length.

Thaaank you!

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