August 11th, 2008



No, not that one.

I spent the weekend in Hollywood, FL, with my family-type people and had great amounts of fun.

I even tried the whole flinging dreads through the air to create a tremendously cool picture thing, but I'm not sure it worked out too well for me. I had to crop it because I looked like a zombie.

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Did anyone else do something fun and exciting this weekend?
devendra the cheif


SO here's the deal: I went to The Mighty Boosh festival (whoo! anyone else go. i saw some sickhead dreads!) and i have some pictures. of my hair. and other things

i got attacked by the picnic blanket. it was muy windy.

these guys were freaking sweet! and they went round the whole day as a trio. TONY HARRISON!

this is actually at the Hayward gallery in the southbank, but i thought it was an alright picture of my hair.

i started wearing feathers and shit in my hair. coool. The actual dreads are somewhere in between 4 and 4 and a half months. good times.

they are giving me jip though. the ends have a lot to be desired..lets just say.
most of it doesnt look dreaded. hmmm
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Dready Pics!

hm, so I keep reloading hoping someone will post and I can look at more dready pics, but then I realized I should just post mine instead!  My babies are a week old today ^_^
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So I've been out of touch with the universe for about a month here, but i have a TON of photos, so here we go...

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I recently "modified" my dreads, I took out 3 beads that were making really thin spots in my dreads, they were super close to the bottom so I just backcombed the bottom couple inches and they're awesome now.

Also, last thursday I was at the Zappa Plays Zappa show in Buffalo, NY, and I saw a TON of dreadheads there. Just wondering if anyone else from GUDU was there and if maybe I told any of you your dreads were WONDERFUL while i was there.

peace and loveeeee.
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