August 13th, 2008

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i dont currently have dreads.. but my god do i want them. I wouldnt be able to do them myself, so i was wondering if anyone was from Baltimore and knew of any places that I could check into?

and did anyone else have someone else start their dreads?
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asian dreads

as someone who knows first hand how hard it is to dread Asian hair, i thought i would post some images from my collection over the years that have inspired me to stick with it and be patient. i hope it encourages some of my Asian friends as well!

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Today is my dreadversary of two years!  (belive me, I'm happier about it than I look in this picture :)

Well I gues it is technically the aniversary of the end of brushing my hair... 
the actual dreads didn't form for a while. 

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Its been a fun journey so far and I still love em. 
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What do you think? :)

After five years of waiting and begging I am finally getting dreads.

I've always thought that I wouldn't dread my bangs but now that im getting ready to dread i'm not so sure.

What do you think?

Here's my current hair: