August 14th, 2008

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I'm brian, These are my dreads. This picture was from December.
The last time I cut my hair was three years ago. They are natural. I didnt brush or condition, and I just ripped them.
My hair is originally curly, white boy fro. I've been thinking about doing some hemp wraps or some stone beads.

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1 Month!

So here are my one month old dreadies!

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I was wondering though what to do with all the loose pieces of hair I have!  Is it really common for the under part of the back of hair to come undone and not behave?  I'm having so much trouble with all the loose hair, and I've been trying to backcomb them without using wax, but they still aren't wanting to stick.  What I've ended up with is slightly knotted dreads that are thin and don't seem to count for much because they just appear like normal hair really.

How normal is this?  Should I let things progress for the next month or so before I go back in and try to fix things??
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Dreads in Portland?

Hola all :) So I'm nearly ready to jump back on the wonderfully dready boat :) I've decided to go and get mine professionally done this time though. A few months back there was a post related a gal and/or shop/salon here in Portland who does excellent dreads... I checked out her website at the time and loved it... so I was wondering if anybody might know who I'm talking about??? and it's Portland, OR btw :) Thanks so much in advance!

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dreadlock glory shot!


hi guys! been a while... i actually think the last time i posted pictures was in months ago, when a group of us went out drinking/bouldering in joshua tree. well... we went hiking up in sequoia for 3 days last week! most of the same group, and lots of magnificent picture-oos.... sp this is a huge huge huge huge catchup... really crazy pic-heavy... with some of the more hilarious mis-adventures i have taken in the past few months...cut by adventure... preview is the last time you guys saw me, back in april

driving back from the desert..

firstly... angelina gets a haircut and donates to locks of love!

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for more on holly.... here is a good place to start... i have spent many long, beer-soaked hours kneeling down with my arm in the air up this puppet's butt, because lets face it, puppets are hilarious. i should have brough her camping with us! everyone was pretty disappointed that i didn't. it for sure would have made the pictures more interesting.

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and the week literally went like this:

tuesday-thursday: hiking hiking hiking
get back to los angeles late thursday night
work early friday morning
get home from work, fast-motion scrubdown in the shower, get dressed
go to children's hospital prom friday night
best 2 days in pictures ever!

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well... that is pretty much it. "that" being, like, 400 pictures. and that is ust a small portion. we love the digital camera round these here parts. that being said, you should all go hike sequoia and donate to the children's hospital. annnnnnd... fin.


i've had dreads for about 2 weeks now. i've had them before, but i was wondering one thing. i still have the little elastic bands in them, and i was wondering when i should take them out. actually, i know i shouldn't have had them in at all, but that's the way the cookie crumbled. if there is anyone who can give me any advice, i'd very obliged.
by the bye, i've got blonde, dry, curly hair. and i do have photos, but i can't find them right now  xD
double exposure

5 months

and things are going ok.
I've been a bit irritated with my dreads recently. They've shrank a lot and this has left me with all kind of loops and bends, they look like tree branches. I'm trying to embrace the weirdness, but I admit I've been wearing them wrapped up in a scarf a lot of the time so I don't look too much like a scarecrow.
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the one small mercy is they are staying well seperated, finally, and none of them have come undone.
I guess it's a waiting game and lots of patience, although I can't wait for them to start growing again.