August 15th, 2008


A splash of color

Before I got dreads I used to dye my hair red/pink a lot. I dyed my dreads when I first put them in 11 months ago, a deep, more natural purple.
I missed the reds, so I found a fierce pink at a local store:


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:) :)

I've been lurking this comm. for a while, and I've wanted dreads for basically my whole life. I have them now and i'm so happy with them! even if they're only 2 days old :)

We had orientation today for school (which starts monday :(), and I haven't seen anyone really since they've been done, except for a few people, so everyone was all :O! hehe it was funny. and I was surprised at the number of people who wanted to touch them haha

anyway, on to picturesss!
remember, they're only about 2 days old, so be nice :)

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Hey all you lovely people!

So I washed my babies for the first time today. I was planning on waiting until tomorrow, but my head was itching so bad yesterday. (My hair gets greasy really quickly) I was so scared that as soon as I got into the shower that they were going to immediately all fall apart and I would have to spend countless hours re-doing them. Initially, I was going to buy Dr. Bronners, because that's what pretty much everyone preaches, but when I got to the store and smelled it, I dunno, I didn't really like it. I went with "Kiss my face" green tea & lime shampoo. It smells SO good. Ha. Anyways, my dreadies survived! Yay. Here's some post-shower pictures.

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For the dreading pros of this community

Ok I know this definitely is not covered in the memories lol. My question is for the people on this community who are dreading professionals (as in, charge a fee for starting/maintaining dreadlocks) I've had someone ask me to start his dreads, and maintain them after as they need it. If it was someone I knew then I might consider doing it for free, or a barter. But he's barely an aquaintance, and plus I've been considering starting to offer my services in this way anyway, since there don't seem to be any people in my area that do this, other than the usual wax-n-twist shops. And I LOVE dreads and doing hair, it's really my passion. I have started two sets of my own, plus a friends, done a dread perm, made lots of dread extenders, done maintenance and crocheting and alot of synth dreads. As well as a LOT of haircolor both on dreaded and brushable hair. I do NOT use wax or bands. I feel that I'm pretty good at this. But I have no clue what to charge. How do you guys do it? Do you offer a flat rate/hourly rate/amount per dread? What's fair and reasonable? If you don't feel comfortable discussing your rates on here, please email me at to discuss this further.

Also a shout-out to anyone with dreads needing maintainance or who wants dreads in the Pittsburgh,PA area - I'm available both to start your dreads or do maintainence. I will be charging very reasonable prices, I know what I'm doing, and I love what I do.
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ok, this is them after being freed from the dreaded elastic bands... heheh... i love it, now i can actually turn my head without constant pain! and i can sleep at night peacefully... they've got a whole bunch of wax in them at the mo, otherwise they would be curly normally. but yeah. they are... just over 2 weeks old now! :D
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hello from washington

just a quick update. i don't have very many pictures right now but i just had to share my excitement! the dreads are almost two months old. they've tightened up TONS and i've lost a couple inches due to shrinkage. i've been swimming lots and i think that's helped them mature quite a bit. when i swim in the pool i always soak them first in clean water to minimize the amount of chlorine they're soaking up. i also rinse them afterwards and apply a tea tree oil + aloe conditioner before palm rolling. that stuff has worked wonders for my hair. it feels so healthy and smells awesome. i've been washing about once a week with burts bees grapefruit shampoo and neutrogena's t-sal. the t-sal is starting to help the seborrheic(sp?) dermatitis.
we're hitching a ride to seattle on monday. riding with this guy that's down here in moses lake filming a movie called punch. i was going to be an extra in the movie but.. i went to the lake instead. i've just been laying around the campsite making jewelry, altering shirts, working on a bag and playing guitar. ah, the good life.

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ok. i love you, byebye!
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sometime in the last few days my dreads hit three months.
last night was bitch night. essentially, some friends and i spent the night drinking bitch beer and taking shots and bitching and being bitches. but in the best way possible. here are a few photos...
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