August 16th, 2008

part deux

so a couple weeks ago a combed out my first set of dreads bc they were sectioned badly form the start.

and on the 10th, i finished creating my second set. i really like this set, i spent more time making the sections, and they're slighty smaller than my previous set.

sorry about the bad quality, im still relying on my camera phone


new dreads

i cant wait untill they get enough weight to hang freely, right now, if i take off a hat/ bandanna, my dreads will stay in that shape

thanks for looking!

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just an update, my dreads are 6 months now. Sometimes I like them and sometimes I think they don't even really look like dreads yet.
I have stopped using Bronner's to wash ( I hated the scalp residue) I now use earth friendly's almond dish soap to wash every 3 or 4 days.
The only thing about swimming in the ocean and having salty hair is it makes my hair white looking and so dull.

Someone asked for pictures of dreads around the 6 month mark so here are
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And they're off!

In my effort to defetishize my Lacanian Other, I decided that rather than cutting my hair short as usual, I would let it dread up. After talking to a friend who does dread work, she recommended letting my rather fine hair dread up naturally and then she would do maintenance on my head occasionally as they formed. They've definitely started taking hold in a few's some of the good stuff for your entertainment! I just hope my hats and helmets still mostly fit.