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[17 Aug 2008|08:10am]
i decided to post some pictures wot show my dreads a little bit better, no?

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3 weeks-ish [17 Aug 2008|11:51am]
[ mood | busy ]

So I'm at about the 3 and a half week mark, and they're doing -pretty- well. Tightening up nicely except for a few in the back. They're really really fuzzy though, probably due to bad backcombing ><


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more pictures! [17 Aug 2008|12:39pm]
So you know how when you get dressed really nice to go out on those rare occasions and while you wait for your ride to pick you up, you decide to take pictures of yourself? I'm sure it's happened to some of you before. Well here is the product of me getting ready to go out for my birthday and taking pictures while waiting to be picked up =)
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One month! [17 Aug 2008|04:05pm]

These are my dreads.  They're happy to meet you too! ;]  they seem to be locking up pretty well, but every now and then i have moments where i freak out, but it's alright.
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13 months. [17 Aug 2008|04:11pm]
i love them more every day.

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2 1/2 months. [17 Aug 2008|06:28pm]
[ mood | grumpy ]



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Anyone going on a savage journey to the heart of the american dream? [17 Aug 2008|08:22pm]
Hello lovely dreadheads and dreadophiles. I hope you are having a lovely summer! Mine has been marvelous, despite losing my camera to the current of a river. I have very few pictures to show off, but here they are anywayeeeeez (to be said french-styles).

I finally commit to learning to hoop dance this summer. Anybody else into it?

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I'm just wondering if any gudu friends are heading to Burning Man this year? It will be my first time, I am so nervously excited and excitedly nervous! If you are going, lets trade playa addresses and maybe say hellos?!

Thanks all!
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bunches [17 Aug 2008|08:45pm]
[ mood | happy ]

My hair looks united now..all I have to do is maintain it and keep it going! A little while ago my brother and his girly tortured my hair and well here are the results!!
I hope these aren't too many photos : [
I wonder if anybody had a dread the size of corn...hmmmCollapse )

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Flakes & Pals! [17 Aug 2008|09:11pm]
Hey guys! I posted a few weeks ago, http://community.livejournal.com/get_up_dread_up/4799872.html

I just wanted to say that I've got a healthy scalp now. I was overwashing because of flakes before, then I switched to using dandruff shampoo. Now I wash twice a week with drugstore brand dandruff shampoo and I don't have flakes, itchiness or these gross chunks of dead skin clinging to my scalp.

Here's a few pics my pal Alex took last weekend:

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Lush Shampoo [17 Aug 2008|09:24pm]
I went to Lush this weekend to pick up some Seanick shampoo, because it's awesome and it's been a while since I used it.  When I got up to the cash register though, the cashier told me that it will strip my (red) hair colour and not to use it.  I previously had blonde hair when I was using it before.

Has anyone in the community used Seanick on their rich/dark coloured hair?  I'm not finding anything on their website to indicate why it would do this.  It just seems a bit odd that a more natural shampoo like this would cause so much damage.  Thanks!
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Blond(er) [17 Aug 2008|10:10pm]
After 3 bleaching sessions, they are slowly getting there. I think I'd like a shade lighter, but am giving the littluns a break, as I fear they might fall off!!


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