August 21st, 2008

connor oberst

i did some dreadies.

A guy I met over the summer asked me to do his hair up.
I'm a bit peeved though. When I went over to his house today he had put rubber bands at the roots. I was like :::HeadDESK:: and told him to take them out. He's stubborn. Anyways, I told him to read the memories, and join here for christ's sake. At least he knows that wax is bad, and he promised not to keep the rubber bands in longer then a week.

Here is the set. This is the first set I have started since my ex girlfriend's about 5 years ago. She actually just cut her set out a few months ago- they were so beautiful, I was sad.

Anyways... here it is. If anyone has any suggestions or improvements on my technique, I'd be grateful!

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 So, I've been studying the memories like crazy and am learning so much.  I had a dread maintenance yesterday who came in from Hawaii. His dreads are a year and a half old and this was his semi first maintenance. I avoided the root area and crocheted the loose hairs into the dread itself.

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Ok I looked in the memories under "sectioning" and found 14 posts, all of which I read. But what I'd like is to *see* a picture of what brickwork sectioning looks like, as I'm having a hard time visualizing it. Could someone please point me in the direction of a pic that shows this pattern?

(the guy whose hair I'm going to do wants his hair done in this manner, so I'm just making sure I have it straight)
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See, I updated lishd :P

I posted these three thumbnails because I like the development you can see in my dreadlocks. They were started by lishd May 18, 2008 (so they are roughly three months old now). I'm currently in the process of adding extensions to the shorter dreads in the front that used to be my bangs, but you'll have to go to the gallery to see the pics since I am lazy.

They're kind of doing a messy thing right now and my hair seems to be going through a growth spurt. I wash every 5-7 days and only palmroll dreads that need to be rounded, ones where the roots have gotten excessively long, or certain loops at this point. Since they were very well backcombed I haven't really had to do squat for palm rolling after the first month and a half. Most of my loops have resolved themselves within a few days and same with any loose spots that were in the dreads (I leave them down most of the time).

P.S. I tried to get some texture shots, but since my hair is dark they kind of turned out like crap. In the gallery, new pics start with the two dread cuffs (the green and blue in the front) on the first page.

new dreads!

i started a new set of dreads yesterday! my client had shoulder-length, medium-fine hair, but there was a lot of it. he wanted big ol' fatties. faces covered to protect the innocent. the lighting in my house sucks, i know, and i'm working on it.

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Coming out of lurkerdom!!

Hello all!! I've been lurking for a little while now and I just want to introduce myself. I'm Hunter and I'm on my second set of dreads now. First set got chopped off because they were (beautiful) but bleached!! This pic of my old dreads has a lovely story to go with it! My mom and I went out to pick the family Christmas tree and after much wandering around my mom asked me which one we wanted to take home. All I saw was the top of the tree peeking out from over a wall and I was in love!! I rushed around to the other side and much to my delight the bottom of the tree was neatly trimmed while only the top branches stuck out all spindly-like. I exclaimed "Mommy I want the tree with the dreadlocks!!!!"

dread tree

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So this is my third set of dreads, which is something I've already talked about.  What I haven't talked about is how much better I feel about my dreadlocks this time around.  I felt that normal self-consciousness that I think a lot of people feel in these awkward beginning stages, but I think that I've already mostly gotten past it.  I know that they aren't perfect and that there are things I could have done differently in their creation, but they are an important part of me.  They depict so many sides of personality that I'm finding out all the time as I play with them and it's great!  They are disorganized, loopy, frazzled, and overall all over the place!  I'm glad to say that even at this "baby stage" in their lives, my 1 1/2 month old dreadies are my favorite part of me and I'm so glad to have learned to completely accept them no matter how imperfect they are!

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