August 22nd, 2008

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I DID look in the memories but unfortunately my answers weren't there.

So. I've started a few sets of dreads on straight, thick hair.

A black woman I work with has asked me to lock her hair this weekend. I jumped at the chance, not only because, well, awesome, but also because it would be cool to see the way they progress. I've never seen nappy dreads up close before,(only on tv) because she's one of 4 back people I personally know, and one of maybe 10 that i've met.( I grew up 30 miles north of the US border, ,and thats where i've recently moved back to. VERY Isolated small city.)

I also know that nappy hair is brittle hair. Well, no, I don't know, thats just what i've been told. I Just found out what a hair weave was 2 weeks ago, I shit you not. I am completely in the dark.

SO. Is the backcomb/rip&twist ok to do on nappy hair?(I'm calling it nappy because I don't know how else to call it) I was going to use some aloe initially to start them like I do with fine hair, but will I need to since the hairs already so curly?
Should I get her to condition them too? I've seen on this site that some people use coco butter, or other heavy duty moisterizers. Yea? Nay?

any tips or tricks? she's probably about 30 years old and has had her hair in braids for the past like 5 years. she's never had dreads before.

Thanks guys.

OHOHOH and: I was just kind of thinking... if I mixed in a bunch of Henna powder with my Dr. Bonners, do you think it would work to cover up the white spots from myroots? I don't want to dye anymore, and they're starting to get pretty bad. People will start thinkingI have dandruff soon. Fortunetly, my scalp has never been healthier, and I have like, 2 inches of growth I JUST noticed! Yay!

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More pics under the cut. I took these this morning.

My hair makes a massive bun that I smoosh my boyfriend with. There was FINALLY enough sun to go outside and take pictures with. A better representation of the color and texture, but my hair is dark so still not 100% accurate. First pic in the bottom row you can see where some of my dreads are thicker at the bottom. My shorter dreads "ate" their wispy ends. There are some odd looking ones at my nape, but I need someone else to take pictures since my attempts come out blurry.

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Length advice

I know the question "Is my hair long enough to dread?" has been asked like 50 times in the memories, and hair can technically be dreaded as short as 3 or 4 inches if you're insanely talented, but I want it to go smoothly and easily and my hair is.. well.. not quite easy to measure.

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Dread dying adventures!

So the other day my sister and I decided to have a hair dying party!  I was excited because it was my first time dying with dreads, and I really love how it came out.  :D

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And that, children, is the tale of the first time I dyed my dreads.  :D  Woot!

Also, I have a question:  I know a lot of you guys have some of your dreads wrapped in like, embroidery floss or whatevs - would it be bad to wrap some of mine, as young as they are?  They can't get tighter inside the floss, can they?  I checked the tags, but they all seem to be about how to wrap dreads, not what happens when you do.  I'm afraid if I wrap them too early they won't tighten up as well as they might, but I looove how it looks and am eager to try it.  ^_^
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