August 23rd, 2008

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Looking good?

Okkkkay, in these pictures they are between 2 and 3 weeks, they are SO messy and it's almost embarrassing walking around campus cause I see so many older more beautiful sets!  But I love the messy look and I am enjoying the process so much!

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Thoughts? Anyone?

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So. I want dreads, but I'm really apprehensive about growth time, so I'm asking for opinions. My goal is to have really really really long hair. Like past my boobies, which would be at least another foot or so. I'd prefer to have dreads. But length is really my big concern.

I know dreadlocks tighten up and therefore shorten hair, but do they actually prevent growth also? Will my hair grow longer faster if I just let it be for another couple of years before I dread it, or will the rate remain the same? Do you think the maintenance of dreads will keep my attention off of the growth?

As for "omgzwouldthislookgood", do you think I should keep some whiskies/bangs around my face once I do start them?

I'm a scaredy cat. :(
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Swimming caps, etc.

Despite my mild-to-medium pool chlorine allergy, I'm thinking about taking up swimming, I'm finding that I really enjoy it although I'm not very good as far as technique goes. For those of you with shoulder-length dreads and longer who go swimming in delicious chlorinated pools, how do you go about finding a cap that fits? All the caps I've tried on seem to be really tight on my head, they pull my scalp. I don't have a whole lot of dreads, but they are more voluminous (is that a word?) than most people's "regular" hair; on top of that I also have a pretty large head somehow, I'm serious about it. For reference, I wear an adult-sized bike helmet and I have to keep it at almost the loosest setting so it's tight enough but not too tight (and it has to be at the loosest setting when I actually put it on else it doesn't fit properly, I tighten it after it's on). Halp! Are there swimming caps made for large-headed, long-haired people? Do I have to special order one? Am I just not looking hard enough or in the right places (general sports stores so far).

I could go into the pool without the cap, but I'd rather not expose my hair to the wonderful chlorine water several times a week. I found some useful stuff in the memories about protecting your hair from chlorine, but that involves getting them very wet and putting them under a swimming cap; the last bit is where things break down for me, stupid big head.

In general, I'm a little concerned about my dreads since I run every day and adding the chlorinated water to the mix is not so good. I try to avoid getting my hair soaking wet more than twice a week at most since it takes a while to dry and gets fuzzy due its natural texture (craptastic). I'm hoping that if I find a fitting swimming cap I'll be able to keep my hair dry if I pile it on top of my head and then pull the cap over it, but that might be wishful thinking :-)

Also, dread-unrelated, but for those of you who swim, what goggles do you like best? :-)

All right, tl;dr, sorry. But thank you for any help!