August 24th, 2008

My curly dreads (roughly 10 weeks)

These are some pics from yesterday - BEFORE I boiled my hair. My sister took some professional shots (she is a photographer) so you can REALLY see my hair. She has not sent them to me yet, but once she does I will update with the clearer shots. I know my hair looks waxy, I am working on removing the wax. I was just wondering what you thought about the curl. My hair is naturally very curly so I anticipated that this may happen.



Theres something about poi that makes me feel elated and graceful ^_^
heres some pics for you beautifuls
there are more poi pics of me lurking in the depths of the internet so i'll post them once i locate them, theres also some pics from Manchesters gay pride coming soon.

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One bored girl.

So what does a girl do while on vacation and is home alone and bored out of her mind?? She takes pictures of her and her dreads!! Yeah, I was amazingly bored yesterday and I thought it was a good idea to take some pictures of my baby dreads since its been a couple weeks since they were born.

I am falling in love with them more and more each day and can't wait to see what they will be like in 2 years or so. :o)!

Anyways, here are some of the pics...
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lice.. arghh

I just found two live lice in my hair after deep cleaning. I have no idea how long I've had them for, but my boyfriend (who I spend most of my time snuggled up with) hasn't got them, and we've only been apart for four days. They look like adult lice, though, and so I'm guessing either they were the ones transferred to my head, or I really have had them for ages and my boyfriend is some how immune to them. After spending a good fifteen minutes looking at my scalp in the mirror and running my hands through it, I haven't found any eggs or lice. So I'm hoping it's a recent infection.. ugh.

Anyway, I really want to get rid of them without brushing out my dreads. After reading the memories, I think I'd like to try frontline dog shampoo and/or vinegar. I have a few questions, though, which I couldn't find answers for. Any help would be much, much apprecited. I'm pretty upset :(

Would other flea/lice dog shampoo work as well as frontline? Also, if I am to use it.. how long should I leave it on my head for before I wash it out?

And, as for the vinegar, would apple cider or white vinegar be better, or do they both work equally as well? Should I use the vinegar neat, or dilute it in water or something?

Thanks guys :(

maintenance pics-Thanks Lish!!!

It's been quite a year in dreadlocking. The knots were put in with the intention to add my mom's old dreaded hair. Seven were thin where they connected to mine so my brother donated 6in of hair to keep our family together. My brother is the wedge, and the glue that holds us all together ;) I feel like I've been full circle. My hair is growing and I can see how my dreads are growing in. Lish didn't sew in the stray hairs going down the dreads, just at the roots, as they were still a little soft for that. It's great having all that stray hair GONE.

I love them! They were great when Lish started them and they're even better now, 10mo 3wks later. Maintenance during a migraine sounds painful doesn't it? IT WASN'T! I was rather dazed...head in a cloud and foot in my mouth, oh wait, my foot, er, garden shoe for you city slicker ;), is always in my mouth. I'm not generally that bad tho :P I didn't realize how 'off' I was till I recovered. (Sorry guys, and THANK YOU for putting up with me and everything I forgot :P, including the time... Sorry I was late.)
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Starting my dreads again!!! Round 3

Ok, so i've given in now dreadlocking my hair for the 3rd time - much to my bf's dismay!

I've just sectioned my hair for 60 odd bad boys! Im going thinner than i did the last time - and so much better its gonna look too!!!

I've banned wax from my hair this time - see how that goes.

Anyway, its taken me 2 1//2 hours to section my hair (imagine not having a helper - damn all you mean people making me do this by myself - again!!!)

I might dread some tonight , if i can be arsed, and the rest tomorrow.

Wish me luck!!!! xxx 

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