August 25th, 2008



I've been considering dreading for about 3 years now as my ex boyfriend had them and I've been fascinated ever since. it took a long time for my hair to grow out, now it's at a decent length and I know could add on to them if need be. the only thing is I'm going to school for nursing and I do want to be taken seriously, I know that work ethic is what matters and should come first, but that's not always the case. I've wanted them for years and years I love them so much, just not sure if they'd fit my face, or what have you. my hair is very thick and curly though, and i guess combing out could be an option if they don't look as I think they will, I wouldn't dare chop it all off. the more I looked through this community the more my urge became persistant to just stop 'thinking' about it and actually have them done. I was wondering what accurate price ranges for my hair to be dreaded and have some hair added on to have them belly-button length would be, I don't want to go over priced and I certainly don't want anything too cheap (firm believer in: you get what you pay for). Or if anyone is in the area and knows a good lot, I'd like to consult with them? I'm in the LA area, about 30 minutes from Hollywood and Downtown but would be willing to travel. Thanks.

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Hi Lish :)

...and anyone else who would remember me.



I promised Lish I wouldn't be a stranger when I cut off my dreads last January. I haven't been back to the community in months, but I love all the new faces I'm seeing.

I'm still without dreads. I had them for a little over 9 years, and I'm still adjusting to and LOVING the fact that I can comb my hair. I'm still keeping it natural, something I will do for the rest of my life. Dreads helped me love my hair as is, and I will be forever grateful for that journey.


-went back to school full-time. I'm a 31 year old college undergraduate, double major (English, Women's Studies) with a minor in Philosophy
-got a big tattoo on my arm (half sleeve) to celebrate my return to school, and subsequent refusal to ever work in an office EVER AGAIN
-celebrated 3 years with my boyfriend, whom I've lived with for one year
-recently published in a humorous book featuring embarrassing entries from old journals (CRINGE -
-lost some weight, more to go but on the right track
-treated myself to a new camera (Nikon D40)

All in all, I'm having a fantastic time.

How are you guys doing?
NPH: Suit up!

A little update for you guys.

So life has been going crazy lately, and so have my dreads. haha.

Last time I posted here, I believe my dreads were at three months-ish.

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They're about to reach their 7-month birthday soon, but my camara is broken, so we will see when the next time I post is!

I miss posting here and keeping up with the posts, but you know how life can be sometimes!
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Dreadlocks and femininity.

"and who the fuck is anyone to say what's feminine?"

So I've had my dreads for near two months I think? They're all fuzzy and need maintenance but I know I don't need to hurry.

For a while, I was having trouble feeling "pretty" with them. I'm not one to be the definition of feminine, but I felt that my face/hair looked somewhat manly. Have any of you felt this way with dreadlocks and had inner conflict with it? I just played up some things like wearing hoops and actually wearing eyeliner again. I cut my bangs all nice today and bought some new tights.

A boy who worked at this video game store called me gorgeous today so I felt quite awesome. I felt like I looked really great today even though I got rained on.

It doesn't help that I work in a really girly clothing store and everyone else who works there is a very done up punk or rockabilly girl.

I feel kind of pathetic that I felt this way in the first place, but I know I musn't be the only one? When I tamed down my hair with dreads (my hair used to be crazy) it just tamed down my whole appearance.

I'm rambling. thoughts?