August 27th, 2008

7 1/2 monthsish

There's a new student at my school this year from Colombia with AMAZING dreads who is going to help me work on mine. I'm pumped.

I have one relatively thick dread that started as one and over the months has grown apart into two near the roots. There are now about 3 inches of 2 separate very tight dreads before they fuse together, but the lower half of the bigger dread seems looser and not quite as thick. Should I separate them? Wait? Leave them? I'd love advice :)

I didn't realize how much they've actually matured until seeing recent pictures. I'll share.

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Have any of you guys tried Lush henna? I used it on my hair before it was undreaded, and loved it, but I'm worried that the cocoa butter they add would be too moisturising for my dreads.

Also, is it safe to use henna on bleached hair? I want to go as bright red as possible, and my hair is naturally dark.

Thanks all :) xx

Switching Gears [kinda lengthy, unlike my loxorz]

I think I'm going to go more natural. Most of the time if I go to a salon, people want to use wax/pomade and I really don't want to even deal with it. I know that, used SPARINGLY [stressed], it's not bad. But I just don't want to deal with it. And in doing research, you'll never truly get a good standing on a product. I've been getting half & half on just about everything I've ever found out about. And, of course, product websites will ALWAYS blow their stuff out of proportion. So let's do it like this.

No extra stuff used to help twist/palm my pretties.  I'll ALWAYS take suggestions on shampoos [which I do want to try this Dr. Bronners that I keep seeing pop up in the memories, despite a few people's negative feedback about its strength, smell, etc.] and places where I can get a good ol' cowrie shell. I don't wanna load my hair up, but I don't know everything that can go into my hair. So the [in my world] generic shell is pretty much all I want.

My plans for color are going to be nixed for now. I think, at the most, I'll do the lemon juice. But I think I have a natural color. Of course, it's MADD subtle and will more than likely become more evident with time. But it's not really all about the color. My cousin's hair is a POWERFUL statement to me. I haven't seen him in about 2 years [haven't paid attention to his myspace -- he's in FL] since we visited them. I want to show you guys this picha. I'm going to join up with my bestie [Ness] and do an edit of this pic. Just check this out.

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Anyone w/ my hair type [just regular ol' happy nappy], or ANY hair type for that matter, doing this same thing?

:: rephrasing::

Anyone that's locking up naturally, can you tell me about how often you do maintenance on it? And I used to sleep with something on my head, but after realizing my locks are almost 1.5 years old I just sort of fell off of it. Plus I wash my pillowcases & whatnot. Is sleeping with them wild okay? I usually try & lay them so that they're not being folded under my head if I lay on my back, but I'm not a backsleeper so I usually roll about like a burrito [I'm hungry. shaddap.]

Just so that I show you guys where I'm at now, I took these pichas JUST NOW! Yay! It's 4:54 in the morning and I'm doing maintenance because I can't sleep!

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unraveling 4.5 year olds. this is long. sorry.


i've been looking through memories and milling ideas on how to fix this problem, but i don't know what to do. well maybe i do, i just don't want to do it.

for the entire time i've had dreads, my tips have never locked into the "nubs" i envy of other dreadheads. i could obtain said nubs by means of sewing the tails of my dreads up into the more locked parts, but it usually slips back out within the next year, due to shrinkage or hair stubbornness.

however i've more or less stopped caring about the tips and now i'm just letting them do their own thing, as of a year ago maybe. my dreads are often referred to having "tassles" at the end, which i don't mind so much. all dreads have different personalities.

but they're now 3 months shy of 5 years, and recently my tips have started unraveling... and fast. one of my dreads has about 8-10 inches of.. well.. regular HAIR at the end of it. i have several suspicions as to why:

1. breakage of having really really old hair at the end of my dreads, followed by unraveling. considering lish's mention of aphogee protein treatment. but i'm still scared to use a conditioner on my dreads...

2. my schizophrenic rotation of a dozen shampoos. i wash about once every 2-4 weeks. i've used name-brand shampoos (no conditioners) such as herbal essences and head'n'shoulders in the past, however not within the past year or two. they never really seemed to do any harm. now i'm using bronner's or natural tea-tree shampoo. post-washes, my hair feels... okay. not spectacular. i'm unable to tell whether this unraveling happens during washings or otherwise.

3. two (or 3?) years back i trimmed a bunch of my dreads. and maybe my dreads have just figured this out after all this time and are getting back at me by showing me who's boss. i considered a dab of superglue to keep them in place, but fixing the ends of my dreads with adhesive means restricted shrinkage. and i like shrinkage.

i've never dyed my hair. the dreads, at this point, are essentially 100%, from root to tail, "naturally formed", which means the beginning length of hair which was backcombed 5 years ago, has either been trimmed by now or sucked into the rest of my dreads. (i can tell this by markers i once had on my dreads from looping through the roots when i started. big mistake. but interesting to watch how my dreads grew.)
what i mean to say is, this mess of unraveling, is unraveling from naturally formed dreads which formed from the root down, not unraveling of the parts of man-made dreads. and naturally formed parts of dreads.. are really tight. yet, mine still unravel.

i don't have close-ups of the unraveled bits (no more camera), but i do have a few which show the nature of my "tassles".

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i'm not sure what i should do. do my dreads need a hair-cut (i like length tho)? a protein-boost (eeeek conditioner!)? re-backcombing (lame)? different shampoo? rubber bands (lamer)? sewing (not long-term solution)?

sorry guys, this post was very rambly and whiny, but i'm scared my dreads will soon be gone :(

hope all else in dreadyland is going well!
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allow me to clarify something:



do you see how what ninjalie did was cool, & made joe very happy, but what touchmedirty & vagrant_scrawl did is fucking stalker-creepy?

look, i know i live in a much more popular town now. & i've made joe internet-famous by posting a shitton of photos of him, both clothed & completely not-worksafe. people are going to see & recognize us, i understand this. but if you guys see me or gorthok around town, just fucking come up & say hi. don't follow us, don't sneak around to stare at us, & for fuck's sake don't come home & post about how you saw us but were too [shy/high/scared/awkward/stupid] to say hi. if you SERIOUSLY CAN'T MANAGE to be a normal human & say hello, then either drop us an email or shut the fuck up, but don't go POST about it here or elsewhere. it makes you out to be a complete loser & makes me feel like my societal trust has been violated.

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so0o0o i haven't posted in for-ev-er.... realized i should show you my now 3 year old dreadies! mostly backcombed, a couple behind ,my ears were rip/twist, while all the ones underneath formed on their own (the hair under there is normally extremely straight, therefore refused to retain any forced knotty action, but they finally did it! and are the fattest and most solid of the bunch...) i barely do any maintenance, which is obvious. i really enjoy my loose hairs that never dreaded themselves around my hairline, though!

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 it's been about 3 weeks now and my dreads are kind of looking more dread-ish now, except not at the roots and not past the middle of each one. so basically, my hair just looks really messy. everyone's saying mantinence and all that, but i was just wondering, what is mantinence? and how can i make my dreads kind of get together better? xD 
my sister also has dreads, but she's had them for about 8 months and she does nothing to them and they just look manky now :D i don't want mine to look like them. so yeah. any help much appriciated!
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no new real updates, just wanted to share a semi-dread photo with you guys.

here's my oldest cat, Bo, helping me out with using my laptop. and you can kinda see my dreads if you look around the her

i've been a member for at least a year and a half now and

lish's last post really fucking irritated me

so here it goes yall

people dont come up to you personally and introduce themselves because you are a bitch. you try to seem smarter, wittier and overall just plain better than everyone else on here (in a very rude and offensive way might i add) thus making yourself completely unapproachable. she probably thought if she said anything to you you'd reply with a bitchy, elitist remark such as the ones you've responded with in this community. that would certainly discourage me and any other human being from wasting our precious time. as far as her posting that she saw you somewhere......well, hell, that makes one of us. and i hope she saw your face too because for all we know, you could very well have been born without one, not unlike that show on TLC. seriously get over yourself and give respect to get it babe.

thank you for your time, ladies and gentlemen. now you may all go back to licking her butthole.