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So, apparently I've made EVERY dread no-no. [28 Aug 2008|12:19am]
So, I did my boyfriends dreads two days ago with out checking this first. Silly me. Apparently I've done everything wrong...
He had dreads over 3 years ago which he cut off weeks before we started dating (I know I was crushed. He also kept them in a kfc bucket which was pretty disturbing.) Last time he kind of let things happen naturally which was pretty sweet but the only job he could get was working at a greasy spoon. So, this time we opted to do things a little neater and less messy so they wouldn't be a problem to his current job.

Well, I sectioned everything off into a grid pattern with rubberbands, backcombed & abused, and then used some wax (well not wax actually, we used some pomade stuff with no beeswax which did nothing for binding... just made it a greasy mess). I know I should have researched first! We were going to go for a pretty uniform look with nice thick dreads, but we ended up with chunky flat dreads haha. each dread has the same amount of hair in it, but they are all totally different.

So, my question is. Is there a way to tame dreads (such an oxymoron) where they will be more uniform, round, and thick? I hear that hot water and palm rolling helps for flattness, but I am in charge of taking care of them, and I don't know if I'd be able to hop in the shower with him and roll his hair haha. any info would help!

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and just for a little side story (as if I haven't divulged enough) when he first shaved his dreads off he kept a string of them on the bottom creating a dread mullet haha. Restaurants actually refused to serve us.
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I HAVE DECIDED [28 Aug 2008|12:35am]
to, in fact, do the dreads - and myself at that! after reading over comments, weighing my options, and deciding what would mean more to me and make my reasons (there are a lot!) more meaningful and personal, I'm going to get started on them sometime this weekend with the help of my best friend. I am anxious and excited as hell. as for my schooling and future career..well, who's to say where I or the WORLD, in any case, will be at in a couple years when my schooling is over with. for all I know I won't have dreads anymore, for all I know the world will shift to a more liberal, accepting and tolerant of differences one, or for all I know the world will have ended! so I'm living in today (and vicariously through this weekend!) and I'm just going to shut up and go with it! only a few more q's before I get started though. first, how terribly hard is putting in your own dread extensions, I've looked through and through the memories and am understanding as best I can but still am not sure if I should get "salon dread extensions", or if it's be simple enough to do on my own? and does anyone know how soon after begining to put my dreads in that I'd be able to add extension to them? would it be better to add while they're young so as to lock in better? or would it weigh them down and mess them up? I'm so new at this, sorry..but you've all been amazingly helpful!
thanks again, guys and beautiful gals.

with that, peace the fuck out, hair!Collapse )
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dread sores... :( [28 Aug 2008|01:23pm]
Hi all...

Im not sure if anyone else has had this problem, and theres no way I can think of acrtually helping it, but I figured I wanted to moan about it somewhere, and why not do it here?!
My dreads are 2 and half years old... theyre a bit fat, but not massive, and come almost down to my bum....
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Salt water and lemon juice on new dreads` [28 Aug 2008|02:59pm]
Hi again! :o)

My baby dreads are a whole 3 days old today! Please, no presents or cake just yet!

Anyway, i got caught in the rain today and my head just feels like a bundle of frizz. I know that new dreads are supposed to be frizzy but i was wondering if there was anything I could do to help them dread up.

I read in the memories about lemon juice and salt and i was wondering if i can spray either of these in my hair at the moment to help them tighten, or is it too soon to be messing with them?

I know that messing with new dreads can fuk them up, but i wondered if the lemon juice or the salt would help, and if so, should i use a weak does on them cuz they are so young?

Thanks guys!
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New Dreads! [28 Aug 2008|06:27pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I have new dreads! Done by the marvelous Amiee(bete_noire) two days in a row for 4 hours at a time. We watched lots of tv and movies :]
She's going to send me the pictures she took of the processs, for now I have (a lot!) of pictures I took of myself below the cut

I lost a shitton of lengthCollapse )

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[28 Aug 2008|07:01pm]
[ mood | happy ]

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question [28 Aug 2008|11:41pm]
Can i make my own salt water solution for my dreads at home? (if so how?) and if not can i get it at a local grocery store... and what is it specifically called if i buy it?
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