August 29th, 2008

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So Ive been meaning post pictures. =) I had some bad, nasty itchies recently and in my sleep tore my head a bit. I (read the memories!) made a wash and it helped it out alot; the oil buildup was making mah head go nutso. Im having alot of fun with them though; and fight hard not to facking touch. >< Guh.

So; here are some shots =)
This one is me on my way to a work meeting about oatmeal. Yes. Oatmeal.

Forgive the half assed smile; I was hit by a car on my bike on my way from work today. (Im fine. the bike took the brunt of it.) Im finding the bandana (which I use mostly for work) is becoming a hindrance, so I work without it now. Very few complaints form work; my manager keeps trying to touch them. =O
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twiddly dee

so this week my little brother* came to visit me in Canada aaaaaaaaaaallll the way from New York.
having 3 dreadlocked vegan kids in one house was pretty silly.

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*we aren't ACTUALLY related, but we look like it.
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Permeating Smells...

So, I've encountered a bit of a problem.
I'm working for NORPAC Canneries, in a factory where beans a beets are processed. I've been working there five days, and after about the second day I realized that I constantly smell... Just... Not pleasant. I washed my dreads when I got home from work this morning, but that just seemed to make the smell worse. [Granted, it was an in-the-shower wash, not a slowly-wash-the-entire-length-of-every-dread wash... I still expected some of the smell to come out.]

Does anyone have any advice/experience in dealing with really gross smells getting trapped in their hair?
Would using essential oils just cover up the smell [and make it harder for me to get rid of it in the long run], or would they get rid of it altogether?

I'll only be working there until 15 September [then I go back to college, yay!], so I'm wondering if it's going to be best to just let them smell terrible until I'm through. [I don't think I could stand washing them every day unless it was the only way to keep the smell at bay... They're only 3 1/2 months old and I worry that so much washing would be bad.] 15 September is less than three weeks away... I know I can handle the smell until then. But I don't really want my hair to permanently smell like beets.

2 wks :)

So, my babies turned 2 weeks old today! :)
I am very excited; they are progressing nicely. They seem to lock up more every time I wash them, which is good because I was super nervous about my first wash! haha I've got a lot of frizzies, but I like them!

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hope you've all been havin a good dready time lately!

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i've been meening to post this for a while but kept forgetting...

so was on st. marks pl in manhattan about two weeks ago with fresh, four day old, dreads when this man come up to me asking about them. he himself has very beautiful mature locks. it turns out hes selling dread maintinence, creation etc. now, since mine are so new i cant take advantage of his offer, but he told me he would be traveling, to where i dunno, but maybe to near you.

heres his myspace

i took a look and it looks pretty good, not as good as say, lish, of coarse, but not bad, some really impressive work i thought. (at least with maint, his new dreads came out a little too brady looking for my taste)

hopefully this is helpfull