August 30th, 2008

Ol' Jem Clyde!

any help?

I'm from Louisiana, but as you all might or might not know, we're about to encounter Hurricane Gustav.
My boss is bringing myself and a few people to evacuate a slight bit farther up north (actually, not only slightly because we are in the crotch of the U.S. :P), and depending on how long we're up there, I'm looking for someone to help with maintanence.
Is there anybody in the Gatlinburg, Tn / Kentucky area that would be willing to help me with this?  
If it helps any, here are some pictures for reference.
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Last night I got bored and dyed my hair brown. the roots are brown, but the rest of it is pretty much black since I didn't want to bleach out the previous colour. Anyway, I was doing some maintenance this morning since my hair is a mess, and I found this little guy. My very first loop, after 9 months. It's like I was pregnant and buddy here popped out instead of a baby. Anyway, here's a pic, have a great day guys.