September 1st, 2008

Creation Pictures

My dreads are 4 days old :]
I am posting pictures of the process. I only have one picture of the second day, but you can see what they look like right after we were finished

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I'm now on day 5 and going strong.
Oh that reminds me, for work I have to wear a hat. I'm pretty sure my head's not going to fit in one anymore....does anyone have any ideas for me? We do have one open hat...forget what those are called. The ones with just a bill and a strap. haha. Anyways. Ideas?

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I've been Missing for a few months, I do apologize. I work at an over night summer camp, so I devoted a few months to that. Buttttt, my dreads are getting longer, which makes me excited. They'll be a year and ten months in two weeks, which kind of blows my mind, haha.

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So I tightened my roots a bit by pulling them through the root about four times each-- no that's a joke. No root flipping here. They are all standing up straight again. Took so long for them to sit flat after I got them, now here we are again. Sorry for the quality.