September 3rd, 2008

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Hey guys! So this past weekend I was a vendor for an all day festival full of music, classic cars, pin-ups, vendors, and lots of other cool shit. Anyway... thought I'd share some of the pics with you! It makes me feel like I'm still involved in this community! hah.


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a question for the proffesionals

I'm just wondering if you give others advice or teach the people whose dreads you start how to maintain them?

I was having a chat with my local 'business competition' and they are all like " we NEVER EVER give out that kind of information, whats the point when it just leaves you with less business. Noone in this business would ever teach without atleast a charge"

I'm gob smacked, I really didnt know it was such a big deal; then again i have no intention of changing the way i do things, i will always try and give as much helpful information as possible as well as directing them to the GUDU memories.


So to the other dreadlockers; Are you reluctant to teach people to do maintenance? do you charge them? do people not get annoyed if you dont tell them how to care for there dreads?

Also do you ever do trade for trade? Recently I've recieved tattoo work, fancy meals, knitted clothes and a kite in lieu of payment, I find it so much more rewarding than money :D

check out my half arsed totally out of date business myspace :P

and so its not pictureless:

^ me and my big sis at darlingtons gay pride.


In other news I just dyed my dread-noodles with manic panics atomic turqouise I recomend it 1000% pictures up soon.

And i got this comment which made me giggle:

"I keep having to remember that you werent born with dreads"





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Is this possible???

I am considering a quite unusual-ish hair cut, but I'm not sure it will work.

I want to shave the majority of my head, except for the bangs/fringe which I want combed to one side so i won't have a part, directly behind that, or directly infront/in the midst of I want to keep my hair the current length and have two small braids to frame my face. Then I want a dreadhawk, and the rest shaved. I don't currently have dreads, so I would need to backcomb them. Would that work, or would having only a few dreads not knot up well?

I'm sorry I didn't phrase that well, I don't think I can find a picture like this at all. The best I could explain would be a chelsea hair cut with a dread hawk....and two small longish braids.

For the record my hair right now touches the top of my boobs.

advice? heh..
bear suit

And, Because My Last Post Was All Text...

This photo was taken by my lovely new bride, Avy, on the evening of 8/24 at the Jersey shore (Long Beach Island) near the Barnegat Lighthouse, directly after a big meal at a restaurant called Kubel's. I think it was around 8:30pm or possibly a bit earlier.

I like the way the sky looks in this pic!

We're still waiting for our wedding shots. Once we have them, I will definitely share.

FYI, gang, our baby (Xavier) is coming very soon, according to Avy's doctor.... like maybe even this weekend or early next week.

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So i was watching TV last night which is a very rare thing for me to do and i was having one of those days where i was really unhappy with the way my dreads looked. And then as i was flipping through the channels i came upon not one but two awesome dreadys on TV and it made me very happy. When i woke up this morning i washed my hair and did a few bits of maintence and i now have a new found love for my dreads. Im still having camera issues but i will post pics as soon as possible

Also i asked in my last post but didn't get a response. Are any of you dreadys from the Central Coast of California? like in San Luis or Santa Barbara Countys?
The Charles

They turned 3 months yesterday...


Again, I've said it before, the ones in the back underneath are 4 months while the ones on top are 3 months.
I'll probably have another post early next week because I'm going to visit [info]pukingduck for the weekend so there's a possibility that some fun dready pictures might be taken. =)

 Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!


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I did 3 different things to my hair tonight.

A) I used this recipe and did a hot oil thingy on my hair.I was starting to have pretty crunchy dreads, and though I did a protein treatment a few months ago(as per lish's hair dye page), they don't seem to have responded well to the bleaching I did a while back to get my hair this color(which it turned by accident). I will never bleach my dreads again. Ok, well, thats a lie. But I won't be doing it for a good good long time. BUT. Since doing the treatment tonight, all of a sudden my dreads don't make that "steel wool" sound when I scrunch them. This is a wonderful, wonderful thing. They're soft, and supple, and shiny, and perfect. I R a happy camper. And now my little baby loose hairs go in ringlets everywhere, and its quite adorable if I do say so myself.

B) I used a new soap; its a homemade green tea peppermint bar soap I got at this wicked aweseom Farmers Market in Calgary, AB. It smells like peppermint listerine. I love it. And man, did it ever tighten up my dreads; I know this because mid rinse THREE of my beads fell out of my hair and almost went down the drain. and these certain beads were on pretty snug; again, I R a happy camper.

C) I'm being plagued by little while dots. A little dandruff, too, but that's just due to the climate change i've recently gone through and I'll adjust eventually(I hope). But the white dots i'm talking about are the roots of hairs that have fallen out. I don't want to dye my hair again as that's been my monthly solution to the white dots for the past year, and it's just clued into me now that even if it's a semi permanent dye with no ammonia, it's still fucking bad for your hair. Anyways, I used some of This in my hair tonight courtesy of my friends shower, and well, it did exactly jack shit. I was thinking that since it was somewhat of a color depositing product that the white tips would just soak up the color, but it didn't. While my hair is tighter and shinier  and softer then before because of A and B, C left me utterly dissapointed.

Next step is using some Henna to dye them. I just need to find some, first.

If I ever find the charger for my camera I shall do el picture post.

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OK i have a few things that maybe you guys could help me with;

1) when i palmroll my hair i get a large blister on my hand.  i'd rather avoid that.

2) my dreads are kinda being pulled down by gravity (i guess.) on top of my head they don't really flow, they've all chosen their spots and are determined to stay there.  is there anyway i could get them so that when i shake my head around they settle where they fall?