September 4th, 2008

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dread ages!

hey guys. i had an idea to compile a list of start dates of everyone's dreads. it's fun to watch dreads the same age as yours mature, & to see how they're doing in relation to your own set.

please only update if your dreads are at least 6 months old. this project has become huge & i'm a bit tired of updating with brand new sets. :)

please respond with the month & year you started your current set of dreads. for those who began over multiple months, choose the month where the bulk of your dreads were started. for those with "natural" sets, use whatever you like - the day you stopped brushing, the day you really started to notice change, whatever. i'll update this post with a big compiled list, & i'll toss it into the memories under "Age of Dreadlocks".

february: cottonmouthdn

june: lishd's first set. :P

may: nollipop
june: codemonkey19
november: mahound

june: _psionic_

march: sensibleken
august: cuntishness

january: alanadai, joeferg
may: fugged, simply
june: sans_visage
august: dreadtemujin
december: sciontific

january: m00ngirl
may: lemon_as_always
august: sbeecatcher

march: tehjos
june: leyloh
july: catsneaky, reshmi
august: arielhp
september: eggplantman, wish_the_worst
november: bubonic_funpack

april: tooiebird
may: eye_teeth
june: meaning_making
august: gorthok
september: ashlingrainbow
october: skankleft, earthbeats
december: crazypickle

january: lyon_mercaeantk, esh224, stagii
february: torijunki, dali_drama
april: igneousfaust
may: missmoses, sneazle
june: nieuwsgierig, ohnoooooooo, ruthlessbabe
august: libee, 6a696c6c, desolatediva, bellyflowers
september: the_fairy, frontlinelogon, dj_truesound, joeke
october: dusk_phaere, noho_or_bust
november: dometrent
december: beingbecca, snesommer, awful__quiet

january: rainbowaster, virgin9suicide
february: sl1ngsh0t, blasphemusfish, dreadsweet, bonesofwar, eilraknitswell
march: ciarafribble, dieudonnee, juliemaru
april: jinjja, ange_vole
may: basicallykim
june: 4gottenmemory, kill_inhibition
july: exhaustedlove, ugly_trioxin
august: banjololo, menotafish, sin_aesthetic, tinge_a_saurus, avenray, erin85, closetzombie_
september: xseaxgypsyx, erikaerin, ragdoll_amba, bananafly
october: jenneebee, jinx_lbc, idie_andsodoyou, tillytimon, ourstreets
november: presrtdstandard, arthuradot, spartagus, leakyfishbowl, fauxrealz
december: dyrimface

january: darkerdarker_, billie_dove, fetuswithshoes, fieldsofjoy
february: sioko
march: gabizoidal, sayhedgehog, theorhetoriq
april: burnthatwitch, knottyrye, moxieknits, joysophine
may: mordak88, robozoid, pixi_kitten, tribalesque

june: alteeandcee, strfvr
july: journalface, parisarms909, myrrhdusa, spandorexxa, obscure_object7, derail_me, gypsy88, prinzessin
august: kikster1218, leahandannawin, indybaggins, rastaprincess, sunflowerkit, kralice
september: the_laa, sezzyflower, sporkkity, knotty_kitty, _takora_
october: lishd, hunter_23, morgan_gaylamb, lauranonymous, supermoosewoman, dreadedreality, pippi_az, phantom_cw, epf, knottyclint
november: maynda, attedragon
december: bettiemorbid, unheardcry, bluberries, akimova, tunefull_82, snifferbiscuits, thepuppymaster, i_am_the_coral, lady_lucifera

january: __dead_wings__, erosissa, splattercrust, sobefetus, coco_chloe, paulmack, yelephone, brendatomic, jineesaurus, before_bedtime, discarded_soul, ikindofmisspogs, icanjustpretend
february: lukewarm, llama4114, faeryechos, latenightnoise, styrofoamkisses, knottypacifica, misfittoymom, walklikethunder
march: witchiebunny, jennywho, starry_thursday, lung_food, bassdragon235, names0fthedead, bobandiarepals
april: missbell53, caspercurse, jolfolfille, carrion_army, punicorn, tweedlezee, medioxumate, dd_on_the_road, jillvicious
may: rotto_chan, dreadedmama, alicemarkovski, ___surgicalmask, vicious_virtue, fluxofpinkbikes, wisconsinkiwi, eranim, hellhound, carrre, amkale24, master_splinter, jeepchick_04, evilweezel, efaith22, louloucazoo, safetypin_art, xochitl, ____mediocre, okcismelanie
june: moonstealstar, deloric, thecatdoesdrugs, mushroomattack, janiethenazi, inthesunnnn, bunnikins, xxkessiex, shampshi
july: crass12340, lovers__end, beastule, juny476, spitmistress, sblood, inaliak, kriztinuhh
august: dead_and_awake, sere118, chemicalpilate, beta_5, psyrah, girlecho26, asinfulstrange, __liesfuelfires, thingstobeabout, foadskank, moshard, nannerskins, fabulastic_nyc, xgiant_douchex, shitusername, 5dollarbill
september: jeblue, arakeenrose, raqattack85
october: feanorthelost
november: heavenlyevil, jpclown
december: inateadaze

march: hollzilla
april: shutter
may: blackrootbeer
june: tribalesque
july: thisis
september: fiercecupcake
october: monnasakura

february: yellowsummers, m3go
july: Bobbi Blaine, jackkbeans
september: jessicajones006

january: wishnotgranted

(no subject)

i checked the memories, and i found some stuff on locking tips, but.. i don't like the look of rounded tips, and lately i've noticed that a few of mine have started rounding off at the tips. what's the best way to undo this? can it even be undone?
rise, power, flobots

three years!

my dreads are three years old this month! i had originally planned to do something exciting to celebrate, like dying them something more vivid than the4 red-orange/stripes i've been rockin' for a few months now. i did end up dyeing them, but not at all like what i'd imagined...

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and that's that. :)
happy birthmonth dreads!
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Shake-Shake-Shake It

Today when I was leaving Chemistry my head felt hot so I shook it around a little.  These senior guys walked past and one of them said, "Yeah, shake those dreads."

i just thought it was a fun thing to share. 

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One month!

So when I made my dreads last month, I put an event in my calendar for one month later, I woke up today and was like HOLY SHIT.  The one month definitely snuck up on me : )

here's a few pics after a month of love with my dreads!

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ah!  way too many pics for just a month, I pity you all and apologize in advance if I post a timeline at 1 year!!!! : P

oye, and I've recently developed noticeable dandruff -_-  Just finished re-reading that section in the memories, eventually I'll run to walmart to get some t-gel or something... but I wanted to mention that I have noticed you guys use the term 'mashed potato' textured dandruff... I understand what you mean now!  but it's only when I get out of the shower, it dries up after .. I can't imagine having it more than that, it drove me crazy!