September 5th, 2008


1 year!

1 year AND a dreadhawk! I was inspired by frontlinelogon's timeline and her dreadhawk pictures. It looked way too cool so I tried it out today.


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I can't believe it's been a year!
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i got a notion, lets get in motion

oh holy balls, i am posting pretty semi-regularly these days, can you believe it? most of you probably don't care / remember me anyway. i lost my camera this summer, so i've been relying on the photographic talents of others and some of the shots they've captured have been not bad!

here are a few of my summer favourites, stolen from people's crack-book pages:

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I took a few photos at Burning Man this year, but I used a disposable, so who knows if any will turn out. If they do I promise to scan and post! I will say, however, that dreadlocks are the only way to wear your hair at Burning Man. Halfway through the week I went to the Astral Headwash tent and had the most delicious 30 minute scalp massage/headwash. I've never felt closer to heaven.

love all y'all bitches,

ps- seven years this past june! i never thought they'd last me this long when i first got them.
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I'm planning on starting my dreads this weekend, and will be doing them myself.
I've been reading up on dreads for a while and I've decided they're definitely for me.
I'm choosing to avoid wax, and I have a flea comb for backcombing.
Can anyone possibly point me in the direction of a good tutorial-type video? All of the ones I've found are from Knotty Boy and involve wax.
Is there any way to predict roughly how much length you'll lose in the backcombing process?

Has anyone here ever chosen to dread half their head at a time? I was considering working on the bottom for a few weeks and then beginning the top... Bad idea?
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One year!

All these are around 1 year. I can't actually believe it's already been a year. They look absolutely nothing like I thought they would. And they've gained some serious width. I think they're finally done shrinking, but I've yet to see any growth. For anyone who cares, I backcombed to start, and then really didn't touch them again. I tried to palmroll for like a week, and then decided it was too much work. So nature has definitely taken over. It's been quite a year, and quite a journey, and I couldn't be happier with them! Collapse )