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hooked on animal rights [06 Sep 2008|12:06am]
Don't know if this is ok to post here but I thought some of you might enjoy it.

I suspended in a shop window in London on Wednesday as a protest about shark finning.
If anyone feels like reading about it then I wrote a big update in my journal here.
The picture I have added shows off my almost-6-months dreads nicely too
And have a small picture. If you have a problem with blood or hooks I suggest you skip thisCollapse )
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Brightly colored dreads? [06 Sep 2008|12:51am]
I have read lish's full text on dying and pretty much every entry in the memories, over time.

Do you guys have any cool examples of real dreadlocks dyed awesome colors?

Not synth. Not human hair dread extensions. Not wool. Or what have you.

I'm just looking for pictures of that sort of thing.
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5 Years [06 Sep 2008|10:33am]
Obligatory 5 year post.

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Science, holidays and the ends of my dreads... [06 Sep 2008|02:21pm]


Science and endings....Collapse )



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A month and two weeks [06 Sep 2008|02:28pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

They're coming along fairly well, I think. Though this is my first set, so it's all speculation. And sorry for the crappy webcam pics, my camera sucks with the weird lighting in my room. :(


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[06 Sep 2008|03:07pm]
so i had a pretty amazing summer. apart from california being on fire and what not...
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[06 Sep 2008|08:21pm]
to the dread head here who did the shark protest via suspenson, i found you in the news!


cant see the dreads but its a really nice picture

and please be warned, the ppl that commented on the article are scum swallowing douche bags that are a waste of oxygen, in my personal opinion.
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sketch [06 Sep 2008|08:57pm]
It's a friend's birthday tomorrow. He has a thing for pirates,
so I made this little scribble for him. She has some dreads,
so I figured 'hell, why not share?'.

In case that's not dread-related enough, here's a picture of my hair
doing weird things when I wake up in the morning <3

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By request... [06 Sep 2008|10:30pm]
My wee dreadies are 8.5 months old now and I'm becoming more and more in love with them - especially with their fun red colour!  This is my third set in the last 4 years and by far my favourite.  I finally feel like they're just right this time and I hope to be enjoying them for many years.  They're changing along with me as I've moved cities, made some big career moves, had a breast reduction and am now slimmin' down.  It's fun having these transformations with my dreads.  Some of them are getting really hard to shove a crochet hook through for clean-up but that's ok :)  Onwards to pictures!

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