September 8th, 2008



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Sorry for the double post this past week. Heh.
I hope everyone is having a good start to the week.


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18 Months.

I don't know how many of have kept up with my dreadlock journey, or even remember me, but my dreads turned a year and a half on September 5. They are finally starting to show a bit of growth, thankfully. :)

I have been getting a lot of emails lately from random people asking me about dreadlocks. It's pretty cool knowing that others want my opinions. :) That my dreads are now "dready" enough to get noticed.

A couple of weeks ago I went to Guitar Center with my cousin and there was a guy who worked there who had dreadlocks. He complimented mine and we talked for a bit about how old each of ours was and how we started them, etc. He wanted to touch mine because he liked the thickness. It was really neat because I don't know anyone other than myself in "real life" that is dreaded. It made me smile. :)

Anyway, here's some photos from today. And a couple of my babies. Photo heavy post!

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Hope you all are having a wonderful day! ^_^

annoying henna q's!

hi all,
i've been reading lots about henna and dreads, specifically, and have a few q's.
i've never dyed my hair before and am hesitant to put anything in my dreads really. and the real reason i want to henna my hair is not for the color, but for the white little dots from individual hairs.

for dreadies who have henna's and previously had this white-dot-visible-hair-follicle problem.... did henna dye the follicles? did the follicles hold onto the color as long as the dye did the hair?

also, just random q, what does henna fade to? some girl in a class of mine told me henna will fade your hair to green (wtf) and i have trouble believing it.

this post is basically the last step towards actually doing this. thanks guys!

(ps, regarding my last problem with my dreads, mostly breakage, i bought lishd's suggestion of protein conditioner and much liked the results! thanks!!)
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2 Months Baby!


One of the biggest thing that I'm struggling with still is that lower layer that doesn't seem to want to behave, haha.  I have had to re-dread them a few times, so they aren't actually 2 months.  Fortunately though, each time I do a set and it comes undone it seems like I am able to keep at least two in that I don't have to redo!
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snow white is dead

hmmmmmm 10mo update

amongst the rant about beauty school and ~*~*~*~~HOW OMG EXCITED i am, i forgot to mention that i'm really worried about the roots on those thin dreads. i know i can combine them because i've done it before with thread but its such a hassle, so idk, maybe i'll contact lishd and jump up to seattle and have her combine my little babies, or maybe i'll just leave them be.
ALSO what else i forgot was that i've been getting little bumps on my hair line and my scalp where my dreads start. i'm assuming these are the irritated scalp itchies since i have a lot of growth and my roots arent used to the dreading process? i've read the memories on it and would like a bit more info on it if anyone could provide. i've used t-gel and just stopped scratching. cos seriously, when does scratching something EVER make it better right? i might do a hot oil treatment cos my bangs need it bad, so maybe i'll do it on my dreads too.. anyways, HERE is my 2nd video update. much more personality i think. probably real annoying too. hahaha

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anyone from austin? ive been here about 5 months, moved from new england and ive been antisocial and now looking to meet cool people

i am looking for some help also to do dreads. i have heard of a few salons around here that do them but i dont have $250. so if anyone would want to hang out and help me do my hair it would be awesome.

also so its not text only

i loooove lisa bonet!! haha :)
stomp your face

my co-worker calls me "tangerine-head".

Ohohoho, I'm up least three colours on my head, though different
places have faded at different times, so there's many shades in between.
Last night, I added a nice auburn...which came out very, very orange!
So, if you want a Weasley-head, I recommend Loreal Feria #74 "Copper Shimmer".

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you won't believe it, but....

i am in the process of combing out my dreads, which are four years old.

my reasons are varied, but i've thought about it off and on since february, when my dad died of cancer. growing up near a reservation, it wasn't uncommon for a classmate who used to have long hair to come to class after a wake with a new haircut and sad smile.

i didn't chop my hair, though, because i don't think my dad would have wanted me to. when my uncle died of the same type of cancer three months later, the thoughts resurfaced. and when i turned 25 and broke up with a woman i was on the verge of loving (and maybe that's me being cautious).... it became a goal.

instead of cutting them off though, i decided to comb them out, one by one. i am starting at the front of my head and i'll work my way to the back. sometimes i comb out three in one sitting. sometimes a week will go by without me touching a single dread.

this will be a lesson in patience. this will be a lesson in growth.

my friends (being friends) have offered to help. but there's something about sitting on your porch with nothing but you, a steel comb and a bucket. there's something in that feeling of pulling out a bead given to you by a lover, or by unraveling a hemp wrap that you had lived with for longer than your current roommate.

i'm sure you're all curious of how the progress is going.

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i'm sure i'll post again as i undo more dreads. it's a slow process, but one that i am relishing. four years is a long time, almost a fifth of my life. this isn't the end. just a new beginning.....