September 9th, 2008

Your absolutely right

I just wanted to post something about the discussion that's goin on about waxing your dreads. Yes dreadheadhq and knotty boy are trying to make money by selling wax and wax removers. Wax is bad. That website is dead on when they say that they don't recomend waxing your dreads. Also, I have used their shampoo and it rocks.

pre and post maintainance!

Before - After.

Collapse )

sorry about the over exposed pics. its the classroom lighting, i swear! but i think its just on my face. my dreads are still visible(:
my friend insist im "cheating" because i crocheted them. haha. a few in the back still not finished yet but overall its much neater now.
somehow, i kinda miss the messyness :(

& my babies are turning 2 months old in 7 days! (16sept). yeaay~

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New Dreads...

About a week ago my girlfriend gave me dreads. I really like dreads and I'm excited to have them but I have some initial worries.

The dreads are all coming undone, or at least it looks that way to me. Now she says I'm being paranoid and I probably am.

I feel like it just looks like a mess of tangled hair and I'm scared it's not going to refine into organized looking dreads. She said next weekend she'll sew the ends and maybe that'll help put my mind at ease, but I'm just unsure.

Any words of advice from you would be great.


Picture 1 - This is a slightly less frizzy than normal picture

Picture 2 - This is right after she did some palm rolling and rounded the ends which have since come undone

Picture 3 - I just took this about 30 seconds ago, my face is annoyingly red and it's not the best lighting but you get the point

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bear suit

Almost Famous

x-posted from my own journal

I just got back from lunch. I had almost forgotten I was supposed to meet a reporter today.

Yeah. Remember last week when that reporter asked if he could profile me for the local shit paper? Today was the interview. We met at Whole Foods so that I could still have lunch while we did the interview.

He basically asked me about my background and stuff (where I live, where I went to college, my job, etc), then he asked me about my hair... for, like, forever. And, of course, during the interview about seven different people stopped to ask me about my hair. I guess from the interviewer's point of view, this was golden stuff for the story. I just thought it was funny... especially when five beauty school girls asked to take pics of my hair for their classes. I can go frickin' four or five days without anyone mentioning my hair... and then, BAM... pandemonium.

And they're doing a photoshoot with me tomorrow. I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.

So, unless someone gets shot in the area this week, there's a good chance I'll be on the cover of the newspaper... because I have dreadlocks.

Nice. The country is at war, but... let's put a guy with wacky hair on the cover of the newspaper. What a world.

Hi and dammit...

Hellos, peoples!

I have re-joined GUDU after a looong absence, and its so nice to see all the new dreaddies here!

For my part, I have recently re-dyed my dreads, and they came out pretty fact, they are WAY darker than I wanted, and I'm hoping against hope that they will fade out lighter than they are at present. Thing is, unlike our beloved Lish, I has no clue about how to 'fix' colour errors without wrecking my hair, and vain as I am, I'd rather have hair a colour I don't like much than risk ruining my dreads.

Anyhoo, here's a before/after pic splurge so you can see how dark they are.

(And I know some people will think they look ok dark, but I think it makes me look old and tired .)

Collapse )At first glance now, it looks like its almost burgndy!! :(

*whine whine whine*

Ok, feel free to slap me, someone, lol.
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