September 12th, 2008


Bleach vs high lift blonde and SFX (HELP Lish!)

I had a question for those who are experienced in using veggie dyes and I didn't see an answer to this in Lish's dyeing text or the memories. I have medium brown (level 3) hair naturally. What level would I need to lift it to to put on SFX Deep Purple and not have it be muddy? I'm basically wondering if I can get away with using a high lift blonde w/40 vol peroxide to prelighten instead of bleach with 20 vol. I figure I could get to a level 7 (medium blonde) with that since it lifts 5 levels. Is that light enough, and will it be orangey or yellow in tone? Also which of these processes would be the least damaging to the hair?

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Hey gudu!! Haven't posted in awhile

Hey everyone! I missed haven't posted in forever, mainly because I haven't had much to post about! I missed you all though!
I just started a new set(I only have six at the moment) sometime in late August, and I wanted to show you all!

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