September 14th, 2008


sorry! meant to edit this entry but clever me hit delete instead. ah the hazards of post night out posting. this is my mate billy who had his dread(s) cut off for charity a few years ago. we all love billy but his dreads werent exactly the neatest
when these were cut off, inside was found the lid of a biro (ball point pen for those who dont use my vernacular) that was put in his hair NINE years previously.

it was like a time capsule! and doent worry i asked him before posting
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Hi folks,

first up, let me just say that this community and its memories are an absolutely amazing resource. I've gone from tentatively wanting a bunch of dreads for several years, to well informed and dedicated over the course of a month or two. I'm pretty sure I know what I'm doing now, how much time it's going to take, and what needs to be done in terms of maintenance. I have no problem with devoting years to upkeep, or issues of cultural appropriation.

I am, however, an academic who works for an environmental government department. There's some tolerance because we're all tree-huggers deep down, but dreads will still need to look uber-smart from the get go. I realise that this is a long-standing issue here, and that's it's difficult to achieve, but I have a rough idea of how it's done. I also know I'm essentially a complete noob that will need some serious help not to cock it all up at the very beginning.

So... as I have a lack of easily tracked-down bedreaded mates, have any of you lot had really good experiences with someone who knows what they're doing and won't mind someone friendly but quite fussy, in either Montréal*, London (UK), Québec City, Ottawa, or Toronto**? Ideally, I'd like to spend a month or so finding the right person and talking it through with them before I take the plunge! I know there's some angst about paying for the process, but partially because I've worn my hair long since I was little and I'm really quite attached to it, if I'm going to do a thing I want it done right.

Any help you can provide would be much appreciated!

*A francophone would be ok, if a little touch and go in places.
**New Model Army's 'Vagabonds' is my theme for life.

the Teapot grrrls

Yesterday me and my best friend, Pimm, worked on the second issue of our small fanzine. The fanzine is called 'de theepot' in Dutch, translation to English: 'the Teapot'. It is a fanzine about anarchism, feminism, vegancooking, capitalism, squatingm, animalrights, traveling and a lot more. We worked very hard and after cutting and glue-ing, scanning and computer-ing we were very hyperactive. We had the great idea to do a photoshoot. Behind the cut you will see a 5 of the 100 pictures :)

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stomp your face


Dude, dreadscans are ridiculously difficult when your dreads are short,
in the back, and the position of your computer is far enough in relation
to your scanner that you need to stretch to get it started. Seriously, if I
had pictures of myself attempting this, I would let you all have a good laugh.

As it is, you only get the results <3

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Update after dewaxing

So I finally made the dewaxing concoction and it worked! I wanted to leave it on for 30min but after about 15 I was itching like a rabid dog and HAD to wash it off of my scalp. I plan to do it a couple more times. I ended up not having to pour boiling water over my hair, just hot water from the tap after the concoction with some vigorous scrubbing.

Anyway, for those who have been following my are the most recent pics. My dreads are SO loopy and knotty now. I have had more progress in two weeks wax free than I have with 3 months of wax!! GO figure.

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2 MONTHS!...yesterday

So it's finally been 8 weeks since i dreaded my hair so i thought i'd share a few pictures with you guys. 
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me being serious :]


and now some individual shots of a few squiglies;


Yeah, so i've been kinda slacking on my maintenance lately. But they don't look that bad so i think i'll just let them go for awhile...


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